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PC - EU server /Aldmeri Dominion/ Guild Moonshadow

Started by Dzek
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Khajiit greets you, fellow skooma merchants.

First of all I want to introduce myself, I am 26 years old, I reside in germany and probably as most of you, I choose to be part of the Aldmeri dominion to smack some Nord's up in Cyrodiil.

Jokes aside, I was in a couple of guilds by now and to be honest, every guild felt incomplete - a guild which has 500 members and you see the same 5 people in the guild showing some sign of life in the guild chat and I had to ask myself, does a guild really should feel empty like that?
Well, of course not. In my opinion a guild isn't a place where we only share our common interests, may it be trading, grinding for gear or whatever, a guild should be a place where your friends are. That's exactly why I founded the Moonshadow guild. How often do you see a group of people move together in Tamriel, excepetions are if you beg in guild chat "pls inv for dolmen" and hope after 20 times writing or typing + in chat someone will hopefully invite you.

Exactly that is why I founded this guild, together to do the things we can't alone and to build something great, together.

If you want to join add me on Steam or write me a message in-game @Dzek90

All levels are welcome!
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