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[PC-NA] CtrlAltElite now recruiting!

Started by Sloppythor
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We are CtrlAltElite , a small (around 100) yet focused PvE guild located on the North American megaserver. We are a PvE centric guild right now with the main focus being around trials, dungeons, and other things of a PvE nature. There are a few who do PvP but it is not our main goal at this time. We are also pleased to announce we have a community owned Guild House now as well!

Are you tired of getting into normal pug trials that take 4 hours to clear the place? We can help with that. Having trouble finding a progression team for the hardest content? If your skilled we can help with that too.

At the moment our recruitment is open to all types of players. If you apply you will fall into typically one of three categories. First, the casual player who is content to log on and just be social and play at your own pace. Second, we have one trial night that is open to all who wish to learn the ropes of what it takes to be a successful trial goer. Thirdly, we are recruiting for a couple spots for our Progression Team which aims to clear the most difficult content this game offers at a competitive pace. MORE INFORMATION ON THE PROGRESSION TEAM BELOW.

For our Progression Team we have a few spots still available. Other requirements for our Progression Team are listed on our website within the application itself. At this time we will most likely be running on Fridays from 9-12 est and longer if we as a whole team decide to, with the exception of Morrowind release. Our core group will be focusing on Halls of Fabrication.

-We are currently looking for all classes/roles

Also, to insert generic sentence here. We encourage ALL exceptional players and classes to apply as well.

If my ram long hasn’t run you off yet visit our website and fill out an application and we will be with you promptly. Alternitavely you may reach out to me the recruitment officer in game @SloppyThor or our GM @Larsay with further questions and/or concerns. Either a whisper or a mail works, whichever is most convenient.

Hope to hear from some of you soon and happy gaming!

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