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Pelin-El - Star Made Knights
Pelin-El - Star Made Knights

Quick Info
System : PC/Mac
Faction : Aldmeri Dominion
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay
Time Zone : Europe
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by Arinlas Wild-Heart.
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About Pelin-El - Star Made Knights
Main Ranking System Arinlas Wild-Heart

"May Auri-El guide us."


We the true inhabitants of Tamriel shall rise again. Pelin-El's Star Made Knights will work to take back what was once ours. To rule over the young races of Men! Mer shall regain the land of which is rightfully theirs, with the divine help of Auri-El! We, the army that is Pelin-El, will avenge our cousins! May the souls of the Ayleiids and Falmer tare the alliances; Daggerfall covenant and Ebonheart pact, apart from the inside out! We will fight for the Dominion! For the Queen!

Name: Pelin-El
Alliance: The Aldmeri Dominion
Main Timezone: European (West) (GMT +1) - We are also open to other time zones.
Application: Yes
Recruitment Status: Recruitment open - Application -
Guild Focus: PvE, PvP - Not mandatory and RP - Mandatory
Guild Leader(s): Arinlas Wild-Heart
Cyrodiil Campaign: To be added at launch

For more information on the guild go to:



Your main character must be a part of the guild's faction, The Aldmeri Dominion.
You must understand you are joining a community, as well as a guild, and so you must respect other players.
We are a strict guild so you must follow the teachings of Auri-El and must listen to your Leader, Arinlas Wild-Heart and Guild Masters.
Be an active member of the guild and contribute to guild events, raids, and so forth.

Joining Pelin-El is quite simple. Visit our website, ( and create an account. On creating an account you will have an application to fill out. On the website there will be a rules page which will help you through the application. Follow the directions at the top of the application. Our application is only visible to three administrators. So please be patient because it might take a day or two at the most to get to. Web based applications are too easily accessed and too easily completed. This application cuts out a lot of the applicants who scribble down any old thing to get in.


Lore and Role-Play:

Lore and Role-Play is a big part of Pelin-El. We feel it elevates the player’s gaming experience if he/she is in an environment where they can completely engross themselves into the game and all it has to offer. Our guild is a mix of role players and role playing hardcore gamers! We still embrace the immersion which can come from being in a MMORPG world. We are very excited about The Elder Scrolls Online. It presents an opportunity to re-enter the beloved world of Tamriel and see areas of the world we haven't seen since Morrowind and Daggerfall. The lore of The Elder Scrolls is unparalleled. The story and the world are amazing and very immersive. We feel this world will give our role-players and our lore an amazing experience.



Pelin-El is a guild that dedicated to the eradication of Man on Elven soil. Pelin-El is Elvish for 'Star Made Knights' which means blessed by Auri-El. We are guided by Auri-El who speaks to only one person, Arinlas Wild-Heart. The leader of Pelin-El and speaker for Auri-El. Pelin-El is an Aldmeri Dominion allied guild composed of Altmer, Bosmer and Kajiit. Pelin-El was founded by Arinlas Wild-Heart four years before the war between the three alliances. He is a soldier for Queen Ayrenn and has vowed to vanquish Men on Tamriel while following the teaching of Auri-El. The world has changed and Pelin-El has changed with it, drawing many outside the country of Valenwood. Even the Kajiit!


Player vs Environment (PvE)

Like any other guild we will be organizing "raids" within PvE. These raids are not mandatory.
As you already know there are many dungeons. We expect that groups of you would go together as a guild into these dungeons.
PvE as a whole can be a single player journey, if you wish. But please, try to take part in the guilds dungeon and world exploration.


Player vs Player (PvP)

We hope to go to Cyrodill and see that we as Pelin-El fight as an organized army. We want to be as strong as ever. The leadership in Pelin-El have no plans of breaking that hope. Through organization and dedication, our leadership and membership will make the ground rumble as we charge when it comes to PvP. We aim for the conquering territories in Cyrodil along with our allies (other guilds that you can find on the website). Pelin-El has seven Guild Masters. Arinlas Wild-Heart is the highest of all the Guild Masters and leads our guild. Our leadership and much of our gaming community's membership will experienced some of the harshest PvP environments in gaming. Pelin-El is very excited about The Elder Scrolls Online as it gives us an opportunity to finally play with many people in The Elder Scrolls community and to destroy what we hate most; the races of Man. We greatly enjoy PvP as a Guild. So if PvP isn't your thing then we are not the guild for you. We will be pushing the boundaries in the PvP areas and will be guiding our members towards one goal; honor for The Aldmeri Dominion and for them selves.


Website link:
Pelin-El has a basic ranking system of only seven ranks.

Speaker for Auri-El - The speaker for Auri-El is the highest rank you can possibly get in Pelin-El. The Speaker is leader or Pelin-El and the highest of all the Guild Masters. The Speaker teaches the members of Pelin-El; Auri-El's ways.

Guild Master - Being a Guild Master is the second highest title available to those in Pelin-El. There are 7 Guild Masters that will protect the Speaker with their lives. The Guild Masters are built up from the Speaker's most trusted warriors. They will help lead Pelin-El to victory serving as everyone's Masters.

Star Made Knight - Becoming a Star Made Knight is the highest honor for those who have joined Pelin-El. It shows that you are a very skilled fighter. The Star Made Knights serve as warriors that will protect the Guild Masters with their lives. Star Made Knight truly means blessed by Auri-El meaning that Auri-El watches over you.

Knight - Becoming a Knight is a great honor too. As they will protect the most skilled of the players, the Star Made Knights as well as those even higher up.

Warrior - The Warrior rank is your first step from boyhood manhood. If you become a Warrior it shows that your skill is getting better and you are on the path to becoming a Star Made Knight.

Recruit - The recruit is the most basic of ranks. Everyone is a Recruit on joining Pelin-El.


For more information:
When Arlinlas was just three years old, a group of Nordic bandits found his house in the middle of the Valenwood forests. They had planned to attack the house at midnight when Arinlas and his family were asleep. They attacked Arinlas' home in the middle of the winter. They tore down the house doors and slaughtered his family. His family lay dead on the floor in pools of blood. His mother, his father and his thirteen year old sister were dead. But his brother had escaped. A small group went after his brother but the rest stayed to take what was left in the house. The bandits saw Arinlas as an opportunity to raise a child from scratch so that he would be the ultimate bandit. So they kidnapped him. Nothing can be said for his brother and the bandits who chased him through the forest. The bandits took Arinlas to a cave that was just on the border of Valenwood and Elsweyr. There they raised him as an archer, assassin. He became one of the greatest archer, assassins ever known to these bandits. Little did they know that their end was near. During this time, Arinlas hadn't a clue about his past, until one fateful night.
Arinlas at the age of fifteen found an old journal underneath the bandit chiefs bed. A journal that the bandit chief would regret keeping. The journal described the murder of his family and the kidnapping of him and the loss of his brother during the raid of his home. His brother had escaped. Arinlas became enraged by the content of the journal and slit the throat of the chief before fleeing from the cave...
Arinlas found his brother, after two years of extensive searching. He found him in south west Valenwood with another group of bandits who branched off from the main group of which Arinlas was with.
After some time with his brother, Arinlas started hearing voices. Voices of godlike nature. Auri-El echoed through his head. The voice said "Arinlas Wild-Heart. You are the speaker. The speaker for Auri-El. You are the chosen Star Made Knight. Teach the people of Tamriel my ways. Create a nation of Star Made Knights. In return for your teaching, I will allow these Knights to do as you wish. They will be the strongest of all warriors. Blessed by Auri-El him self." So, Pelin-El was born. His brother Linthir Wild-Heart, was among the first to join Pelin-El in it's creation.


For more information:
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