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Pelin-El - Star Made Knights || Recruiting ||

Started by Arinlas Wild-Heart
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion

We the true inhabitants of Tamriel shall rise again. Pelin-El's Star Made Knights will work to take back what was once ours. To rule over the young races of Men! Mer shall regain the land of which is rightfully theirs, with the divine help of Auri-El! We will avenge our cousins! May the souls of the Ayleiids and Falmer tare the alliances; Daggerfall covenant and Ebonheart pact, apart from the inside out! We will fight for the Dominion! For the Queen!

Joining Pelin-El is quite simple.

Your main character must be a part of the guild's faction, The Aldmeri Dominion.
You must understand you are joining a community, as well as a guild, and so you must respect other players.
We are a strict guild so you must follow the teachings of Auri-El and must listen to your Leader, Arinlas Wild-Heart and Guild Masters.
Be an active member of the guild and contribute to guild events, raids, and so forth.

Join us today!

Pelin-El TESOF guild weblink:

Pelin-El website:

Leader of Pelin-El

Arinlas Wild-Heart - Bosmer - Archer
Rasesi Nefemesh - Argonian - Mage
Gurak Murzol - Orc - Warrior
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