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Photoshop Skills NEEDED ASAP

Started by DeadMetal
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Hi guys, I have a couple of projects coming up that require me to have a logo made out of the initials DM I have been using something that @Reiv created for me a while back (& although it looks cool) I need something that can also be simplified (so it can be embossed/inscribed/printed on multiple things). I have tried to simplify the image created by @Reiv (you can see my horrid attempt below)

[Image: DM-LOGO_zps105ba54b.png]

as u can see I have no skills in this area Irritated_2 the image has came out very rough, could anyone use there skills to kinda smooth it out Sick

(or if someones up for it they could create an entire new DM logo for me to plaster around everywhere Tongue_out_laughing )

Edit: doesn't look ass bad on the dark background but on white it looks very rough Laughing
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