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Physical copy install patch download size?

Started by diffle
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So, I live in a place with awful, expensive, low-cap internet. I bought a physical copy to avoid downloading the 22gb installer, which would have cost me a shade over $1,000 in bandwidth charges.

I knew there would be some downloads to get the physical copy up to date, but this is out of control. I've downloaded patches of 4.4gb, 700mb, 1.4gb, and now another one just started up at 5gb.

Can someone tell me just how much I'm going to have to download for a physical copy install to get it up to date?
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Since we experienced many patches during/after Beta, and we don't know what ver was shipped (prob a beta build), we can't really guess what the download size might be. Could be 6GB, could be 16GB. But plz do someone a favor, and keep track of the download (total) size, so we can answer this Q at a future date. I know what you mean, we have the top pkg for our ISP, and it is 17GB/mo. Understood, and can sympathize. For me, it was spread out over months so not so bad.

Total patch download size is also likely to grow over time, as they tend to make all patches "incremental," as opposed to consolidation of patches - the latter would be untested by the masses until they tried it so could introduce bugs of it's own. This means for instance subsequent patches could replace the same file a dozen times; unfortunate, but a much more reliable way to get to the desired end result.
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