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Players are having trouble loading their char

Started by HalloweenWeed
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This just happened to me an hour ago:

HalloweenWeed to ESO tech support Wrote:I can't load one of my characters. #6 of 8 Casontril. He is my only Daggerfall Covenant char. and resides in Stros M'Kai at the moment. NA server. All of my other char's work. When I try to "request character load" the circle just keeps going, sometimes it will break out to the login screen with "an unknown error has occurred" and sometimes I have to <Ctl-Alt-Del> to the task manager and shut down ESO from there. But Casontril will not load.

So I checked the ESO support forum and I am not the only one by far. It seems lots of players are having this prob, and so far no resolution for it. FYI.

Their answer so far:
ESO tech support Wrote:Response By Email (Freddie) (05/28/2014 04:16 PM)
Greetings! Adventurer

Thank you for contacting The Elder Scrolls Online Team.
We Do Apologize For Any Issues You Are Experiencing

We have received word of your Issues About Your Account Not Being Able to Access

I would like to sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, but we are currently unable to fulfill your request. At this time, we are undergoing system maintenance and will be unable to assist you until it has been completed. We expect to have all systems go by then end of the day at the latest. Fear not though, we will get back to you as soon as possible and do our best to resolve your issue.

We greatly appreciate your patience in this matter!
Thank you for your continued interest and support!

Thank you for your continued interest and support!
Battle and Shower In Glory,
The Elder Scrolls Online Team

Some ppl are pointing out this only seems to be affecting Cyrodiil, Stros M'Kai, & Deshaan so far.

Update: It seems to be fixed now. (for me anyway)
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