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PLEASE READ: Rules for Posting Here

Started by Reichmar12
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Welcome one and all to the Guild Activities section of The Elder Scrolls Online Forum!

This is intended to be a recruitment forum where players can post what they're looking for, and where guilds can advertise. We want this to be a place where individual players can advertise to find their niche guild, and where smaller developing guilds can get some visibility to attract members -- as well as a place where established guilds can post job openings for a niche role. The format required (shown below) is subject to change, so check this sticky regularly!

We ask that you:

Please, do not post inappropriate threads which include, but is not limited to; porn, racism, political ideology, flaming or attacking another user as well as baiting such behavior.

Please also keep the threads relevant to guild/player recruitment.

When posting as a player, please follow the following format:


LFG : <your faction> : <Geographic Location or Time Zone> : <What you are looking for>.

So, for example, I would write this as my subject line:

LFG : EP : GMT-5 : PvPer Looking for Active PvP Guild

When posting as a guild, please follow the following format:

<Guild> : <your faction> : <Geographic Location or Time Zone> : <What you are looking for>.

For example:

Reichmar's Rowdy Riften Raiders : EP : GMT-5 : Looking for masseuse -- must have soft hands and knowledge of mixed drinks.

Thanks for your cooperation! As always, we're happy to provide you with an avenue for community outreach and communication. Again, please check this sticky regularly for updated format information.


The TESOF Team
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