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Started by Jorvaskaar
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Hello again guys, I didn't think this post would fit into RP or Library so I posted it here. This is a post for writing your own ES or ESO themed poetry. Just post ideas, full poems or even what you think of other peoples poems! Everyone is welcome! I'll go first, this is actually the poem I use for my guild:

'Over Tamriel the day is dawning,
The soldiers return, their boats are mooring,
Their heads held high, the crowds adoring,
The Imperial City, ours by morning!'

Your turn!
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I have no poetry, I was just wondering, why didn't you think it belonged in the Library? That is, after all, where all poetry, short stories or series go.

Vlos Hithern

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Hmm... Poetry, eh? I can think of something good...

Did you know there is Kynareth,
Rumoured by some, to be a myth?
To create Mundus, first she agreed,
But then came seven others, all are who we need.
Now then made, was our 'Mortal Plane',
It truly was, our good gain.

Seems good enough to me.

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- Svadas Vendal

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- Haema of The Eight
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