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Potentus Cabanii

Started by Fritodelay
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant (Redguard)
b]Firstname[/b] - Potentus
Surname - Cabanii
Title - Adopted son of Imperial Hero and Famous Bounty Hunter Jago Cabanii
Sex - Male
Race - Khajiit
Age - 35
Occupation - Alchemist and Bounty Hunter
Faction - Aldmeri Dominion
Appearance - White/Black skin with spots on forehead , 6'5 Unusually tall and strong for a Khajiit
Personality - Outgoing , Charismatic , Spoiled , Greedy and Hard working
Social Background/Backstory - Born in Elseweyr but somehow ending up in an Orphanage in Skyrim . His Foster parent Jago Cabanii was a famous bounty hunter and merchant , he was most notably known for being a merchant . He was traveling to skyrim and passed by an Orphanage . He did not want to Adopt a kid but a freind of his convinced him to adopt a kid , While at the orphanage he saw lots of Human Kids but Potentus at that time called Qa'jo was the only Khajiit , Jago wanted to adopt a Human race but the Khajiit had something special about him maybe it was the way He looked at Jago , Jago felt like he had to pick Qa'jo , Jago stayed in Skyrim for about 12 years at this time Qa'jo's name was changed to potentus. Potentus was unusually tall and strong weighing in at 165LBS and 5"10 , Taller than Jago himself. 3 months before Potentus turned 13 Jago decided to move back to cyrrodil . There everybody greeted potentus and welcomed him with open hands , His dad being rich and famous Potentus had an eazy life. On an unusually quiet afternoon Jago met a women Her name was Marilla , Marilla at first seemed like a nice tender loving mom for Potentus. at first Potentus actually liked her and respected her they lived happily for around 3 years. Then marillas family had started to get mysterious letters then they'd get murdered each one of them strangled. Marilla couldun't handle the pain she was about to end it all by commiting suicide then she found a letter , The letter said Potentus was next. She warned potentus , Potentus trained with a sword he trained vigorously sometimes he would sneak out of the house and battle giant rats and spiders. Potentus was good with a blade. 3 more years passed potentus was still training and training and training. He was so caught up with his training , he forgot Marillas had already been killed and that she warned him 6 years ago. Potentus then stopped training. 2 years passed potentus was a bit rusty with the sword because had stopped training , potentus got a job in his foster dads shop , He was to sharpen the blades for about an hour and sell Blades and armor for a couple of Hours then his shift would be over. On his first day man came in , The man said he wanted a sword that can decapitate any living thing Potentus showed him his finest sword and asked him for 3000 septims , the man happily agreed. Jago was suppose to check on potentus every 3 hours , 6 hours had gone by and jago haden't even come by , Potentus went to go see jago , Jago's head was on the floor and a blade like the one he had sold next to it , And a note reading "Thanks" Potentus was angry and confused He figured it was the people who had killed Marilla . But they did not strangle his dad they decapitated him Potentus was angry he searched throught the town for the man he asked everybody . He went from province to pronvince looking for the man . 10 years went by . He finally reached the last city he had not gone too Penchal, Elseweyr He stood at the city gates with rage , Tears rushing through his eyes . The man was right there Staring at him asking him if He wanted to buy a sweetroll. Potentus asked him "you murdered my father , Your organisation terrorized my stepmother and then killed her , NOW YOU ASK ME if I want a sweetroll? He grabs the man by the collar and Decapitates him. The guards rush to Potentus , they put him in jail , He heard footsteps to his jail cell . a man had released him on bail , The guards gave him a note saying "Come back to your daddy's shop , You'll find me And I'll get this over with." Potentus was confused he thought he had eliminated the man that killed his father. He went back to cyrrodil . He found his fathers shop burnt to ashes A tear swept through his eye then out of nowhere came the man that decapitated his Jago . the man was full of scars on his arms and most of his fingers on his right hand missing. The man Conjured 5 daedras and ran away . Luckily he summoned those daedras with amazing speed and nobody thought it was him. Potentus ran and the city guards started attacking the daedra . Potentus knew the man would run if he found him . Potentus got on a rooftop . He was literally hunting for the man He jumped from rooptop to rooftop untill he found the man . Potentus sword had fallen and potentus has no skill in magic , Potentus jumped from the rooftop onto the man he kept pouncing on the mans head , The mans head ended looking up like a mangled skeever. Potentus ran from the guards he fled to Elsweyr . At elseweyr potentus was grieving and depressed because of the loss of his foster dad and all he had done. He did bounty hunting to get by. He felt he needed to enlist in either a guild or an army , He felt he would be good at fighting and maybe just maybe He could raise enough money and rebuild and make a spiritual succesor to his dads shop in Elseweyr , Name it the same name and Have pictures of his dad around it. He felt he could make a fortune . So he joined the Aldmeri Dominion. Now he fights for the queen and He believes the aldmeri dominion deserves to own all of tamriel and queen ayrenn is one of the only justice abiding rulers in tamriel Best Memory - Killing the man Who killed his father
Worst Memory - The depression after his fathers death
Skills - Two Handed , Restoration , Light Armor , Lockpicking , Alchemy
Challenges for the Character - None really
Birthsign - The tower
Religious Views - Worships the Aedra especially Akatosh.
Politics Views - The dominion is the only way for tamriel to have a good ruling class
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