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Pre-purchasing through Ubisoft concerns

Started by Rynojasper
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Okay, so I decided to make the jump from console gaming to pc gaming today, and went ahead and with the decision to get ESO for PC. I went to my local gamestore and traded in my 360 games with the intention of pre-purchasing the ESO: Imperial Edition. However, out of stock. No worries, I put it towards something else.
Unlucky for me. No drama's.
So, I figured I'll be happy with the digital edition, and came across the Ubisoft deal going around the net saying if you purchase the Imperial Edition through Ubisoft you'll get AC4. I thought sweet, 2 new games to start my PC gaming.

Unfortunately, I was too quick to pull the trigger and found out after I did the deal, the offer was actually expired, and I pre-purchased the game for the full price $120 AU, without AC4.
Man, it sucked. Still does.

Now that i've looked into it a bit, I'm coming across some Ubisoft forums with people expressing frustration and hate towards their Uplay; saying that they have to load that client up before playing their games. I'm wondering will I have to do this in order to play Elder Scrolls Online? I certainly hope not

and my other question is, when i pre-purchased it, I got the email stating the 5-day head start and explorers edition, but nothing to do with the Imperial Edition and the bonuses that come with. Is this normal or should I be worried?

I'll be contacting Ubisoft customer help tomorrow when there available, but thought i'd try my luck here first.

Cheers guys, first time so pretty inexperienced.
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I think it's time to remind people that this section is for questions regarding the website, not the game. Please take any matters regarding ESO, gameplay, purchases, opinions about it and whatever else to General Discussion.


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