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Preview articles from recent days

Started by Hentmereb
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Most people here have probably gone through these articles already, but I still gathered few links to articles I found interesting. Apologies if I've missed an existing thread for the previews.


Elder Scrolls Online Preview: When Worlds Collide

In fact - and for an MMO, this is the crazy part - The Elder Scrolls Online actually looks better than Skyrim. Sunlight streams through haggard canopies, translucent ice glistens, and water froths and ripples.

Whereas in Skyrim you were the Nordic equivalent of a student with a microwave, here you're Gordon Ramsey, not only picking primary and secondary ingredients for the pot, but refining raw materials and deconstructing ready-made food in order to make more delectable drinks and nibbles. You'll need to level-up to cook some of the more intricate dishes like pies and mead, but the better the food, the more beneficial its properties, and the higher it'll sell for.

The sight of a level-80 Sorcerer making cupcakes will be a reward in itself, but you could feasibly turn tradesman and make a profit. There are five trade skills in total: weaponsmith, armoursmith, provisioner, alchemist and enchanter. Your items are sold on marketplaces, but there's no Diablo III-style global shop front here. Each guild (you can join up to five) has its own, and this, Sage believes, will spark a network of micro economies, each containing specialised traders. It's mutually beneficial - 'join our guild and make us stronger, and we'll sell stuff to make you stronger.'


The Elder Scrolls Online is the Skyrim Sequel We Want

The Elder Scrolls Online does not waste time with petty fetch quests, arbitrary conversations, and meaningless empty space. Like Skyrim, there is always something to discover or uncover. It brings a similar sense of Skyrim wonder to a massive recreation of almost everything that defined the untouchable RPG franchise. I played two hours – one in an early area off the coast of Skyrim. The snowy plains, familiar architecture, and soothing, atmospheric music nailed the Elder Scrolls vibe. If not for the other players lining up to unlock chests (an unfortunate consequence of online play, but not one I understand), I could have been convinced this was a Skyrim sequel.

The Escapist:

Elder Scrolls Online Hands-On Preview

The world seems truly alive when you're out in the wilderness and hear a disembodied voice calling for help, only to discover that it belongs to a NPC with a mission for you.
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