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Started by Ignacio Cabero
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Rise of the Reapers

Latrak awakened to the smell of stale bread and muddy water. He had been in the interrogation room ever since the incident. He tried one more time to summon a Dremora, and once again, failed.
“Its no use, kid,” said a raspy, old voice, “We've put a Spell Lock up so we don't have to worry about people like you.
He looked down at his hands. The fur on his body was turning darker than usual, maybe because he hasn't bathed in days. He looks over at his best friend and companion, Chroll, who is still knocked out cold. They had drugged them with Bloroform, a chemical that increases pain so much to were you can even feel pressure on your body.
“Do you think it's time?” said the main interrogator.
“Yes, if they don't tell us this time then kill them, slice their throats, poison them, it doesn't matter just get the job done.” Said the leader.
As the cell door opened he nodded to Chroll, who had been awake the whole time, and felt a rush of nervousness as phase one began.

Chapter One

“ Do you really you need to practice even more?” questioned Chroll, pacing around the small island they had inhabited for the night.
“ Yes, I have almost perfected summoning a skeletal archer army, just bear with me.” said Latrak, a Khajjit battle-mage.
“ Okay, might as well practice swordsmanship, Hey where's that log we found by the lake?”
“I think we left it at the tent.” answered Latrak
As Chroll trotted back to the tent he noticed that something had reflected a light at the corner of his eye, and it looked like it was coming from the lake. He tried looking deeper into the body of water and noticed little ripples in the water every so often.
“Hey Latrak, what do think is over here?” Chroll said as he called upon Latrak
“probably just some fish, or something.” Latrak answered, paying almost no attention to Chroll.
Chroll noticed how hot it was and decided to go for a short swim. He was getting very relaxed until he felt something bite him. Then again another bite. They bit him a total of 4 times, all in a couple seconds.
“Ah, Daeth Worms!” Yelled Chroll, Who was rapidly losing blood.
Latrak hurried over to him to inspect him when he noticed a ship in the distance.
“Not Again, Its the Reapers,” Latrak pointed out.
Reapers were a Race of Daeth Stalkers, Daeth Spades, and Daeth Stalker Royals(Kings, Queens,Princes, Etc.) Daeth Stalkers specialized in torturing you emotionally and mentally, Which eventually breaks you apart, And Daeth Spades specialize in hunting through the shadows and taking you down as soon as possible.
The Reapers have red eyes and skin as black as midnight. They conjure weightless armour and swords to kill even the mightiest hero.
“Hey Chroll, follow.” ordered Latrak, looking for the hidden trapdoor to an under ground tunnel they made. The tunnel was complete with food, water, and even a small armoury where they kept some useless silver swords. They waited silently when they heard the Daeths leave the ship.
“They must be here!” Said the same raspy voice they had heard in the prison, “I saw them swim over here!”
Latrak could here footsteps above him, and hoped they would not find the trapdoor which lead to the tunnel they were in.
“Hey, I found something! I found Something!” said one of the stalkers.
Latrak was sure they had found the trap door..
“what is it!” requested the raspy voice
“It looks like some sort of door....” answered the lesser Daeth
“Well then what're you waiting for! Look whats inside!” the raspy voice commanded
As soon as he finished talking, Latrak jumped through the door, Chroll right behind him, and cast and Acidic Field spell he had learned while studying magic in Hammerfell once. Most of the Daeths Screeched and withered away, with the exception of three, including the one with the raspy voice.
“Ahh, so you thought a little spell would kill me, Jag'Ro the Daeth!” Yelled Jag'Ro,
with a booming voice.
“Well, you were wrong, nothing can kill me, king of all Daeths! I have superior power over all of you!” he exclaimed, while slowly floating up in the air.
Suddenly, a burst of darkness came from Jag'Ro, but Latrak put up a spellblock field around him, just in time as the Daeth Necromancers had tried to steal his soul.
Latrak summoned twenty-three Skeletal archers.
“Ahh, you have been practicing I see,” said Jag'Ro “well you have just written your own Death Note!” exclaimed the raspy voiced Daeth King.
“Attack!” Boomed the mighty Daeth, as his warriors summoned Daeth Warriors and conjured swords and armour, while they charged at Latrak and his makeshift army.
***Latrak awakened to the sound of skeletal warriors falling to the ground and breaking to pieces.
“Ha, puny mortal, thinking he could defeat me,”Jag'Ro spit out, “kill him while I aboard the ship.”
“Yes master.” said one the lesser Daeth
Akatosh, one of the the Nine Divines heard the prayer of Latrak.
Akatosh gave part of him to Latrak, and his wounds instantly healed, and he felt like he could run forever. He noticed his spell tome was glowing a yellowish-orange colour, and he tried to shoot an ice spike, but it did not work. Instead, a rain of Ice came from the sky and stabbed the lesser Daeth multiple times.
“Impossible!” exclaimed “This is impossible! How did you...Impossible!” the confused Daeth Lord said.
Latrak opened his spell tome to strike lightning, but right as the lightning struck a portal to the Daeth Plane opened and Jag'Ro Stepped inside, all in a split second, casting the spell took so much willpower and raw force, and he could see dark spots around the edges of his eyes, and the last thing he thought about was that he could not wait to see Chroll after the battle.

Latrak awoke, startled with the memories from the day before and how he could still feel part of Akatosh within him. He looked around and found Chroll, knocked out cold at the other side of the small island. He walked over to him and and noticed he was not breathing. He rushed as fast as he could but saw the lifeless body of his best friend laying in the sand. He clenched his fists in anger and tried to heal him with a spell, but it did not work. Wondering why the spell did not work, he remembered when the Necromancers tried to capture his soul, and it hit him. Latrak had put a Spell Block on himself, but it must not have reached Chroll. That meant that Chroll's soul was somewhere in the Daeth Plane and could still be saved, If he somehow went to the Daeth Plane and Back with his friend. While he was thinking, a booming voice, that was not calm nor aggressive, appeared in his mind.
“I will help you journey to the Daeth Plane to save your mortal friend, but only if you promise to capture Jag'Ro the Daeth's soul, as he has returned to the mortal world in hopes to destroy all of Tamriel . You can only capture his soul in a gem found on the Aedric Staff, and you could become one of the most powerful beings in all of mortal history,” explained Akatosh, “You, are the hero needs. Take my Aedric Staff and travel through the world in search for the portal to the Daeth Plane. I will guide you along the way, helping you when you yell my name but beware, our connection will lose a little each time you call upon me.
As the voice slowly faded away he noticed he was holding a staff, with a blue gem and golden handle, in his hand. He presumed it was the Aedric Staff, the article needed to capture the Daeth's soul, and to save his friend from the cursed land of the Daeths. He realized that he was tired like never before, and he would start his search for the portal tomorrow. He kept telling himself that all he had to do was capture the souls of Jag'Ro and his friend, go back to the mortal plane, and release his friend, but deep inside, he knew it would be harder than that.

Chapter Two

Latrak awoke and immediately went to the ship he and Chroll had built on their first day on the island. He grabbed his spell tome, food, water, and the Aedric Staff Akatosh had given him the night before, and his map. As he sailed for a few hours, he finally saw a small chain of islands, but still bigger than the one he formerly inhabited. He noticed that most of the inhabitants were Nords, and as he climed out of his boat, he noticed many of the Nords were staring at him and his scarred body, but he payed no attention to them, and walked up to a poor beggar, and tossed him a gold septim
“I need no money from you, Khajjit!” exclaimed the racist Nord, and tossed the septim back to Latrak.
Fine, more for me, thought Latrak as he walked into at avern where he sat next to a Khajjit with a familiar looking dagger.
“Must be hard living here, you know, as a Khajjit, you know.” Latrak said to the Khajjit sitting next to him.
“Oh me? I don't live here, just......stopping by” answered the Khajjit.
“Whats your name?” Latrak asked.
“Do'Rakk” answered the Khajjit.
“Where did you get that dagger?” Latrak questioned
“I....found it” said the nervous looking Khajjit
Latrak examined him and noticed that he also had multiple scars on his face, and then he remembered were he had seen the dagger. It was the one and only Mehrune's Razor, the dagger that could slay even the greatest beast.
“Well if it isn't the wielder of the Mehrunes' Razor!” Exclaimed Latrak
Everyone stared at Latrak and Do'Rakk intensely and slowly they unsheathed their weapons
“You! Servant of Mehrunes Dagon! You'll be damned!” shouted the bartender.
“No, who is this Mehrunes Dagon! I just found it off of some dead body, I swear.
The people in the tavern charged at Latrak and Do'Rakk, and slashed at them, but Do'Rakk pulled out Mehrunes' Razor just in time to block the attack, and the sword instantly disintegrated. They ran outside just in time to see a puny Nord boarding a large ship.
“Drive, Nord,” Do'Rakk ordered, putting the razor right above the neck “I touch you with this, you die, literally.”
The Nord paddled with a wide eyed expression on his face.
“Good job, Do'Rakk, you surely have a sleight of hand talent, who taught you?
“Oh no, I am self taught,” said Do'Rakk “I used to be a slave, until I escaped, and I learned useful skills throughout my life.”
The two Khajjits conversed until they hit land, and saw that they had hit an island densely populated with Bosmer, or Wood Elves. As they climbed out of the ship, an old Bosmer woman said
“Oh, look at you, all dirty, come inside I baked fresh bread and warm milk!”
“Do you thinks so?” Latrak said to Do'Rakk
“Why not?” Do'Rakk said, as they entered the, house with bright blue walls, and a smell fresh bread in the air.
“Visitors, mother?” questioned the Bosmer, who eyed the Razor suspiciously.
“Oh yes dear, two Khajjits.
“Yes pardon, but we are going to Elsweyr and we were hungry and your mother invited us in.” Latrak explained to the Bosmer who appeared very happy all of a sudden.
“Elsweyr you say?” questioned the Bosmer, “I have some business there to do.
“Oh...well, you could come with, if you'd like?” Latrak proposed
“Yes, dear, it would be nice if you got out more often.” said the Old Bosmer lady.
“I suppose thats a yes?” Do'Rakk questioned
“I will.” answered the Bosmer, and so the group had one more companion, but before they left they would need to sleep.
“Here, take some septims, and find yourselfs two, nice room at the Boiling Skeever next door.
The two Khajjit found two empty rooms and stayed the night. The last thing Latrak could remember before passing out was how the Aedric Staff was ever so softly glowing. He thought it was nothing, and got ready for bed.
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