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Proposal The Tavern of the Beyond

Started by Manarax
Post #68085

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Faction & Race:
Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
My proposal is a place that stands out of time. Entered either through death, or dream.
It's a tavern where any character can enter or leave at any time and just have a drink and socialize. Fist fights might happen, but no weapons. There is a fighting ring in the corner for those who have disputes to settle, or just looking for some fun. Any kind of food or drink is available and plenty of, ahem, "company" for those who need it. (rooms are available as needed)

No actions or conversations here have any effect on other threads.
So if this sounds like something people would like and I get enough responses I'll start it up with a description.

My Characters:

Nwûl tash.
Dzwol shâsotkun.
Shâsotjontû châtsatul nu tyûk.
Tyûkjontû châtsatul nu midwan.
Midwanjontû châtsatul nu asha.
Ashajontû kotswinot itsu nuyak.
Wonoksh Qyâsik nun.
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Post #68865

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Not Set
I love this idea. Kinda like Captain's Table series of Novels in Star Trek.
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Post #68870

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Aldmeri Dominion
This sounds like a brilliant idea... I'm sure lots of people would love to do this.

Vlos Hithern

Banana Beer! <-- Click for banana beer!
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Post #69068

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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant (Breton)
I would love this it's a brilliant idea and I'd love to join.

When Shadows Fall We Will Rise.

Noric Alabane - A Brenton scout who has had a terrible past
Zar'Karri - A wandering khajiit who wants to find his sister
Mira Mournshade - A dunmer assassin who seek revenge for her father
Whispers-With-Trees - An argonian slave who escaped and befriended Mira

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