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[PS4 Community] The Elder Scrolls Online Hub

Started by PsychoticusRex
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I'm inviting everyone to join the Elder Scrolls Online Hub.

The idea of this is to utilize the PS4's new community system to help players find a guild, group or general ESO info.

If you're currently a guild owner, this is perfect for recruiting. I just need help starting this up, I appreciate if anyone joins and if you want me to post a guild recruitment, just ask. It only lets me post in there for now.

To join, add PsychoticusRex on PSN and check Friends, Communities then Friend's Communities and it should be there. I will try to respond ASAP, at least until they update the community system.

Be sure to invite your friends so it appears on the Popular Communities section for more people to benefit from the hub. It's very appreciated.

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