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[PS4] Knights of the Fallen Dagger

Started by Stormar
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Daggerfall Covenant (Redguard)
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KOTFD formed as an idea between three friends in an car shop, those friends heard about "The Elder Scrolls Online" and instantly were captured by its vast landscape and in-depth look at Tamriel. Finally an Elder Scrolls game, a series in which the three loved, where we could play with each other and our friends. As the year of 2013 had passed the three friends finally got serious about it, they decided to form a guild to take Tamriel, more narrowly Cyrodiil, in the name of the Daggerfall Covenant. Why the Daggerfall Covenant? Well they came to an agreement that the other two Alliances were overrated and most people would join them, so why not be a strong force in the Covenant, they'd be the underdogs. Now that ESO is right around the corner we want to expand our borders and invite more people to have fun and play with.

[Image: ThhHJNa.png]

I. Respect is key to this guild, no one disrespects each other, treat others how you would want to be treated

II. Never disobey a superior, you can offer suggestions but don't disobey a superior

III. Be mature, we don't care what you do around your friends, but when it's time to represent for us act mature

IV. Do not be the offenders, we are not better than anyone so don't act like it, if someone attacks you purposely then act in self-defense

V. Do not spam or flame, it'll just get you nowhere

VI. Leave no man behind

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Hi guys, I saw your guild info on and wanted to extend a welcome introduction. I am co-founder of a small TESO guild (DC faction) that is looking to offer its services to other guilds for PvP support. Our guild, Shadow of Trinimac ( is looking to foster relationships with well-established guilds in hopes of offering its services. We are primarily a mercenary outfit, and offer services such as security details, fort defense, tactical strike team assaults (aka "Fort Knocking"), and mat gathering. While our guild is designed to be a small, cohesive group, we are looking for opportunities to support larger guilds through mercenary contracting. Please allow us the chance to assist with your next PvP session (at no cost to you), as we are looking for positive referrals that will help to build our reputation. Let us know what we can do to help. We look forward to helping you! Respectfully, Marethyu Brevayne, Ambassador of the Shadow of Trinimac
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