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[PS4 - NA - DC] Just Tacos - an all lady guild is recruiting!

Started by leighdelo
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Are you a lady gamer who loves geeky and snarky things? Are you looking for a place to kill all the things and have a great support system? Are you looking for a social atmosphere even when you can’t play the game?

Then Just Tacos was made for you!

Just Tacos is an all-lady and female-identifying guild, LGBQT friendly on PS4, NA Servers. We are primarily in the Daggerfall Covenant but all alliances are welcome. A majority of our events are in Daggerfall Covenant, but this will be changing when TamrielOne comes into play. We are small intentionally, so we can be tight-knit and no one is lost in a field of 500 other players. We have dedicated events multiple times a week, raffles, and flash contests. Our RP community is in the works, and we are (--) this close to having a public trader.

Ground rules: You must have at least 1 character over level 10 in the DC. We want you to start feeling comfortable with the game. You must also be female or female-identifying and 18 years or older, and an active player.

We utilize a free chat app called BAND, which is required for membership. This is how we chat, plan shenanigans, hold contests, etc. If you don’t want to chat with us, maybe this isn’t the guild for you, but we’re soooo worth it.
We love to fish, quest, grind out all the achievements, pvp, pve, RP, trade, and most importantly, naked dance parties.

Still interested? PM Leighdelo on PSN and we'll make this taco crispy.
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