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[PS4][NA][Ebonheart] Recruiting for ImmortalKingz. 90+ PVP/PVE Quality over Quantity

Started by Greyhame
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We are currently recruiting for Immortal Kingz which is a PS4/NA/Ebonheart guild with 90+ members. We are a pre-eso multi-game guild and we are looking for quality adult players to join our ranks. We have a good balance of PVE/PVP play-styles and have regular guild activities for both. Whether you are a vet or a new player we have activities and active members to support your in-game preferences and make the game more enjoyable for everyone. Once again we are out for quality over quantity so while we are more than willing to help players find their play-style and voice we expect those players to pay it forward when they can.

If you are interested go fill out an application at our Guild website forums... .... The Apply button is in the upper right hand corner of the page. You will need to answer some very basic game centric questions, it takes very little time to complete. Once you have applied the GM or one of the officers will reply with an invite to the guild. When you join the guild it will be as a recruit for a one week long trial period to see how well you work with the group, after which you will be promoted to full member and be able to share guild resources.

In the spirit of full disclosure we do not currently have a guild trader, though it is in the works. So while we are happy to have more crafters and tradesmen we are not really a trading guild as of yet so be advised.

Also if you are the leader of a smaller guild on Ebonheart that is looking to ally or merge with a larger guild that fits your member’s play-style we would love to discuss that so feel free to message me about it. Ideally we would like to get with some other guilds to form large, well organized groups in PVP and see where things go from there.


(PSN: Greyhame79)
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