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(PS4-North America)- Looking for Smithing and Enchanting Partners And possibly Guild.

Started by tylernelson37
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Ebonheart Pact
Ok so title pretty much says it.

I'm on the Ps4, North America, Arizona Time Zone.

I'm a very active player on my days off work and I want to have some fun while optimizing my player build and mastering My craft with people to help and share with.

My Character-
Erebus Letus-Ebonheart Pact Lvl 20
Dark Elf
Tank/Dps build Duel wield(Trying a new style from tradition)

I prefer doing PvE and questing while constantly trying to craft ever stronger gear and enchantments whenever possible, I'm very proficient and willing to help others get faster exp gain or make armor/weapons if you want.

PvP- I have yet to try this out yet as I wanted to make my character strong enough before going online just yet but I am more than willing to join a guild as well. Just let me know[/size][/font]
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