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Psijic Ambrosia: new significant addition to ESO 6/15/15

Started by HalloweenWeed
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They have added one slight game-changer today: "Psijic Ambrosia." You can read about it here:

It is a 'drink' that adds an 'experience point' ("XP") boost, meaning you level up faster (a must for VR1 through VR12)! It does not affect your current ability to drink/eat other food/drink/potions, it stacks (singularly) with them. What's more, one required ingredient for it is only found while fishing (skinning the fish)! So you will be fishing a lot - if you don't want to pay the current price for Psijic Ambrosia (after it becomes commercially available - IF). The other two ingredients are Frost Mirriam & Bervez Juice (yes the purple food mats!) that are only obtained from provisioning writs and hirelings! And the recipe for Psijic Ambrosia is found only in 7 fragments, that you can only find by doing provisioning writs! I would assume they will sell for a 'pretty penny' too, if you can get more than just one of each. Most of us will probably be doing a lot more provisioning writs.

I recommend that you don't use Psijic Ambrosia before veteran levels (VR1), as presently it is hard to do the main quest line before vet levels and not be stuck doing "green" and "grey" quests because you have leveled up 2 or more levels above your current quest. So I would recommend you use Psijic Ambrosia beginning at veteran levels (Cadwell's Silver/Gold & Craglorn). I will do my best to become a crafter of these and sell some in my guild stores, however it is not yet obvious whether or not the resulting Psijic Ambrosia will be specific to your level, and whether or not you will be able to craft 'lower levels' of Psijic Ambrosia - if there is such a thing - for sale to other players. Psijic Ambrosia may not be a leveled result, the patch notes don't say (and I haven't searched the elderscrollsonline forum for talk about it).

There is also another minor change to the provisioning system: the items produced will now level to your toon level/rank, somewhat, instead of staying only the listed minimum level of the food/drink, similar to what the looted/dropped food/drink does. Of course, read the patch notes for more detailed info. for these changes.

The patch doesn't make any other significant changes, that aren't related to the above, that's worth mentioning.
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