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Pure Onslaught Gaming (TESO staff openings).

Started by Stotek
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Greetings my TESO fans!
Stotek here to remind everyone that Teso is almost here! 4/4/14 is getting closer and closer, and with that I am needing some knowledgeable elder scroll players in my arsenal.

*What am I looking for?
Anyone interested in the position(s) will need to be willing to do the following.

* Purchase Teso upon release or preorder the game.
* Play actively.
* Be able to attend all Teso meetings held, whether they are for Teso only or for a monthly clan meeting.
* Be even tempered, well mannered and mature. Remember you represent our clan and will have a leading position in Teso.
* A willingness to always recruit. This is a new game and we will need members. Raid call can handle up to 10k members so let's flourish and get our name out there.
* Creative, I want creative staff that will set up events or competitions on a whim or schedule.
* Vast knowledge of The Elder Scrolls lore. This is not needed for all people interested in a sub staff spot. Although I do want to have a kind of lore master fore players seeking to or who just might want a history lesson.
* Daily use of raid call and the website.
* Streaming, would also like if a few or all members applying be able to stream gameplay via twitch for events.

**Apply at or pm me here**

The staff spots are not unlimited I will be looking for a max of 4 maybe 5 players to fill the positions needed (all time zones welcome).

If you are interested in a position pm me or simply post here with why I should pick you as one of my leading staff members. The deadline for positions will be 3/31/14 @ 8pm est. I will post results later that evening and contact those who will be my staff members.
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