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Pve respawn

Started by Toptom
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One thing that really grinds me in gow2 is the enemy reappear straight after you killed them. Makes the sense of achievement or progression deminish. Anyone able to tell me what it's like?
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Yes, usually the enemy respawn in about 2 mins. (my guess), but not immediately. And if you get killed, and choose the "R" respawn here (1 soul gem) option, then the enemy usually (but not always) is healed when you respawn, but enemy respawn still takes the normal time. In the case of "boss fights" with multiple enemies, it has been my experience that the other NPCs (or monsters), particularly the lesser ones, do not respawn at all after being killed. In this case, I am talking about dungeons that are "instanced" for the solo player alone.

The 2min. (approx.) respawn also means that if you don't want to fight them again you must hurry to loot all containers in each room/local area before moving on to the next. But it also means that in the case of non-instanced areas if they were killed by players ahead of you you need to loot really fast to avoid fighting freshly spawned enemies (not always a bad thing). FYI.

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A lot of times respawn rates are increased for launch, but then they reduce the rate later once people get more spread out.

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