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Q*A with The ShoddyCast
by Theodyne Robillard, Member — Category: Editorials
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Theodyne: This is a two part question for the both of you: What is your favorite part of TES and besides questing with friends, what are you looking forward to the most in TESO?

ShoddyCast: In a nutshell? The full immersive experience. Between the limitless possibilities for exploration, and Jeremy Soule’s picture perfect score, TES has the ability to pull you in and keep you playing for hours. Bethesda is in the business of making believable worlds, and I call myself a believer. We hope ESO will have this as well, but we’d have to say we both really look forward to bringing PvP to the TES experience. Many of the devs are from DAoC (Dark Age of Camelot), and we’ve heard only good things about that game’s PvP, so we’re very excited to see how it pans out.

Theodyne: What are your favorite races in Tamriel and why?

ShoddyCast: Dark Elves. That’s the popular answer right? Wait no, Nords. Seriously, we’d have to say it depends on the type of character we wish to make. In other words, we aren’t dedicated to any race but choose that which best fits the playstyle we’re shooting for. In ESO however, Kyle will be playing Khajiit while Josh is undecided (probably Altmer).

Theodyne: What inspired you guys to start The ShoddyCast YouTube channel?

ShoddyCast: We were bored one afternoon. In all honesty, we did it to justify how much we gamed. It started when Guild Wars 2 came out. We decided to make some videos to add a creative aspect to our gaming and have an excuse for why we played it so much. After GW2, we found ESO and it took off from there.

Theodyne: Which two crafting professions interest you the most and which ones will you be choosing in TESO?

ShoddyCast: Josh always says Alchemy is a real money maker in Skyrim while enchanting seems most useful. In ESO, armorcrafting seems most interesting for Kyle as there’s just so many cultural styles to choose from. We all like to look good.

Theodyne to Josh: If you could add one feature to TESO, what would it be and why?

Josh: A crime system. Hands down. I believe the TES experience has been one in where the player pushes the boundaries, moral or otherwise. The fact that a crime system won’t be implemented at launch is on par with 9/11 (I can say that, I’m an American). I tease, but we all know that without consequences to our in-game actions, our experience is taken from “meaningful” to “counterfeit”. Without real consequences our RPG becomes little more than a theme-park MMO. Give me crime, or give me death!

Theodyne: While it is pretty safe to say that there will be premium items for purchase with real world currency, a lot of MMOs feature seasonal premium items. How do you think ZOS will implement things like this in TESO?

ShoddyCast: GW2 hit the nail on the head with seasonal items for purchase. We don’t know how ZOS will handle any purchases such as these or if they will even have them, but as long as they are purely cosmetic, we’re happy to have the addition.

Theodyne to Kyle: If you could take away one feature from TESO, what would it be and why?

Kyle: The guild store. At least don’t make it the only auction system in the game. It just seems like more work.

Theodyne: Which platform will you both be using when playing TESO? And if you will be playing on multiple platforms, which one will you be using the most?

ShoddyCast: PC for sure. We love player mods. We’ve talked about getting a copy for PS4 as well, but that would be for casual play.

Theodyne: Now we know that in TESO, we will have the option to have a quest companion system which gives two players rings, now this is basically a marriage system that we have seen in other MMOs. Will you guys be married to each other? Or will you each seek out your own significant other?

ShoddyCast: Gay incestuous marriage isn’t for us. I wouldn’t call it a marriage system, but a partnership… Wow, that doesn’t sound much better. Even if we got the rings and promise to level together, we always end up splitting up because we level at totally different speeds. Kyle likes to burn through the content to reach end game while Josh reads every book and listens to every line of dialog (nerd).

Theodyne: What mulitplayer games or MMOs are you guys playing while waiting for TESO?

ShoddyCast: We’re on MMO hiatus until ESO so we aren’t burnt out. We play some indie games with co-op but nothing for a substantial amount of time. At this point in our long history of MMO gaming we’re finding ourselves pretty burnt out with traditional MMOs.

Theodyne: Which faction will the both of you be choosing and why?

ShoddyCast: Aldmeri Dominion. It’s sort of the Horde of ESO as it gets a bad rap, with High Elves being elven supremacists. That and Queen Ayrenn is a hottie. FOR THE QUEEEEEN!

Theodyne: With degradable armor making a come back to the TES series, do you think we will also see the return of the repair hammer? Or do you suspect that players will have to visit a NPC to repair their armor?

ShoddyCast: It’s actually been confirmed that there will be NPCs to repair gear and repair kits to fix your armor in the field. We think this was a great decision.

Theodyne to Kyle: What part of Tamriel are you most excited to explore?

Kyle: Black Marsh and Elsweyr. They are quite a mystery within TES lore as they are so secluded from the rest of Tamriel. Can’t wait to set foot there.

Theodyne to Josh: Is there any specific person/character in particular that you are looking forward to meeting/finding in Tamriel when playing TESO?

Josh: “M'aiq is done talking. Go bother somebody else.”

Theodyne: Where will we be most likely to see the both of you? In Cyrodiil bashing your enemies? Running around in some dungeon looking for treasure? Or sitting on a creek bank catching some fish?

ShoddyCast: You’ll find Josh trying to get to places he’s not supposed to be able to get to. After that he will probably be in Cyrodiil somewhere, having a good time failing at PvP. Kyle will be along side him in Cyrodiil or in an Adventure Zone doing some large group content.

Theodyne: With players able to create cross faction guilds, seeing as how we obviously cannot have an Argonian and a Breton fighting the same fight in Cyrodiil. Do you think players will have the option to quest together in a cross faction guild? If not, why implement cross faction guilds?

ShoddyCast: ZOS has said that we can quest and even do dungeons with people in our guild, regardless of alliance affiliation. So, no we cannot do PvP cross-faction but at least we can PvE together.

Theodyne to Kyle: Upon hitting level 50+ and 50++, players will be able to travel to the zones of other factions. Do you think that players will see different enemies in these areas or just reskinned versions of the mobs they fought in their own faction zone?

Kyle: There will obviously be humanoids like raiders, pirates and thieves that will be reskinned, but there’s plenty of mobs that are home to specific zones and thus will only be found there. Diversity!

Now for a couple of questions from a few of our forum users here at TESOF.

Archmage Alator asks: Are either of you RP'ers? And if so, when did you start RPing?

ShoddyCast: We aren’t big into group RP, although Josh has been known to dabble. Josh will mostly roleplay his singleplayer TES games, by taking his character seriously and making in-game decisions based on that character’s made up personality. But as for making long written out character bios, and learning the Dragon’s Tongue, no not so much.

cyfiawnder hiraethus asks: What do you think about the character creation system that appeared in the Quakecon footage of TESO?

ShoddyCast: It’s fantastic! So many sliders to mess around with and that RIFT-style triangular sliders from body and face shape adds a ridiculous amount of customization. We’ll be in there perfecting our characters’ look for hours.

Arthon Alverior to Josh: With only the announcement of a guild AH, how do you feel that will affect the game's economy as opposed to having a world AH?

Josh: I’ve been pretty vocal about the need for a Global Auction House at launch. I figure if I scream loud enough someone will perform the Black Sacrament in my name just to shut me up. Restricting trade to guilds will slow the game’s economy to a crawl. One of my favorite activities in an MMO is day trading, but in order to have an economy capable of supporting day traders it needs to have thousands, preferably millions, of participants. What is a more exciting trading environment? Your local pawn shop, or Wall Street? Which is filled with more opportunities? The one with the most players. An MMO without a Global Auction House at launch usually suffers greatly. *cough* SWTOR *cough*.

Well, there we have it. A peek inside the minds of The ShoddyCast. Don't forget to check out The ShoddyCast youtube channel every Friday and every other Saturday at and you can also find them at

Until next time, I am Theodyne Robillard, Hail King Emeric
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i really like ShoddyCast work! these guys gave me a lot of very usefull info!
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I love their channel. But hate their faction and will enjoy sacrificing them to sheogorath :)
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Excellent interview! Well done!
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Nice interview!
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