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Quarters Network
Quarters Network

Quick Info
System :
Faction : Aldmeri Dominion
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Social
Time Zone : North America

Guild submitted by TJGgamingdude.
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About Quarters Network
Main Guild Positions Laws of QN
We are the darkness that will wipe out all light and justice. We the Quarters will take all races of Aldmeri races. We will fight as one setting aside our differences. We are a pact consisting of all mages, the greatest warriors, hunters, and assasins. Even the opposing faction will know our name and strike the fear of us to their hearts. We will wipe out the light with our darkest powers and weapons and claim what is ours. Let Us Be the Darkness That Wipes Out the Light!
Forum Guild Positions:

In-Game Guild Positions:
(All guild positions listed below all have opportunities of becoming captains)

-Captain: Second in Command. The Captains should know a great deal of the skills, perks, game play, training area's and dungeons. Plays regularly and is highly confident in his skills as he is kind.

-Knight: The forces of our guild. As a player you must comprehend battle techniques and be skillful in all battle art's. Knowing how to successfully raid a Dungeon, tactics and leading a group of soldiers into battles.

-Assasin: The hidden forces of our guild. As a player you are responsible for healing other players in the guild or helping out with bows and arrows. You must know how to successfully raid a dungeon and know many tactics.

-Hunter: You must know the land of Tamriel. And a adventurer that wanders through the wilderness and harvesting any materilals they can find. Helping others finding certain items and materials through Tamriel.

-Recruiter: You are in charge of recruting new members and training them. Help point them in the right direction and make sure they fit our guild. Don't go and choose random people and invite them.

-Money: You my friend are in charge of taking control of the income for our guild. Makes money by buying and selling items or enchanting and then making profit for the Guild. Will control the items within our guild bank. If anything the Moneys will continuously add money to our bank. Myself and the Captains will control which items are bought for our guild.

-Archaists: Masters of the Arcane arts. With your boundless power of Magicka you end up being both support and warriors for the Guild. You'll assist in creating synergy effect's for other soldiers. You will wreak havoc through the grounds with AOE spells and other uses of destruction and deception.
1. You will respect the Quarters Network community and our alliance alike.
2. We will help one another in a time of need.
3. One shall not give away guild secrets.
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