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Quest and Radiante NPC

Started by Ewan
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During my Information hunt, i stumbeld on some intresting fact, Radiant NPC.
Basically what they said is there will be two types of NPC. Quest giver NPC that will mostly stick to a certain area to facilitate quest flow, and Radiant NPC this will relate more to traditional ES game NPC, they will haw there "own" stories and life's.

Do you think that this system makes thins too essy? since you will knwo aproximate area of quest givers, unlike in other ES games where you had to hunt for quests by gathering info From taverns and journals. What are possibility's and limitations of hawing Radiant NPC in MMO game.


" RPS: Right. Which is in your combat scenarios. But with other Elder Scrolls games, it’s in all the other incidental things as well Characters going about their daily lives, and occasionally that’ll make something completely weird happen where the resulting scrap doesn’t even involve you. TESO’s NPCs felt more like standard, largely static quest-givers.

Nick Konkle: We have a couple of different types of NPCs, and a couple of different Radiant events that fill that role. For example, we have what we call critters in the game, monsters that aren’t going to fight you. They’re actually aware of whether there’s predators in the environment. They will flee them and son and so forth. Sometimes that goes all the way up to deer. What you might find is that if you run out in Glenumbria and come upon a deer, they’ll scatter, but then they’ll see a wolf, and so they’ll run from that, and the wolf will run them down and kill them. There is a certain amount of that, especially with the critters, creating that living predator-prey relationship.

With our NPCs, there are certain ones, typically the quest givers, that are intended to stay within a specific area and help create a flow for people who want to follow the story in a very specific way. But then there’s what we call… I don’t know if we use the term “radiant NPCs,” but we might say “filler NPCs.” They wander the towns, and they themselves have a story, but it’s not related to a quest. They’ll just go around and then they’ll interact and sometimes they’ll talk with quest givers. There are different numbers of those. If you go in an area like Daggerfall and run around, you might start to see more of those NPCs who are just living there, but aren’t affiliated with a quest, interacting with each other and talking and doing various things. "
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