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Questions: Telekinesis, Appearance/Clothing

Started by Emeric
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Firstly a hearty hello there, since I was gone for about 1 1/2 years! =D

So, I got a few questions regarding the power of telekinesis since I want my upcoming character to be quite skilled in that field of magic.

My questions:
How would you agree that it works? (Regarding the "mechanics" behind it)

Is it purely mental?
Meaning, is there a aetheral hand/arm holding the object or is it really only the consciouness? Is there a "connection/response" that influences my position?

If I would "grab" lets say a lamp or bowl and press it against the wall/floor, would I be pushed back/up?

Can I grab objects that are in the hands of others? (I'd say yes! But of course if he holds it firmly I can't rip it free)

What objects can I manipulate? All in my field of vision? Only a specific material?

How strong can I push/pull objects? (Goes hand in hand with the first question. If I can push something with a force greater than my weight I would be pushed up but only if I am somehow connected)

Furthermore I have questions regarding my style of clothing.

Here a few outfits that I'd consider a matching choice for the world of ESO/Skyrim:

Both the right and the left one. The right one only on business tho or if I'd be a noble. (The right one is a bit... let's say far-fetched but I really like it =P )

First choice of clothing

Then this one. I consider this a very matching choice for clothing.

Pretty nice combination of armor and clothes

And the last one (maybe the best match for this purpose but not my favorite)

Erm yes. this one =)

Thanks for helping me out here

P.S.: A few of you may get the references and why I ask =)

Two arrows in the air
Two arrows leaving lair

Two arrows to find their way
Two arrows to let them pray

Two arrows bringing death
Two arrows with every breath
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