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Quib: A funny Memory

Started by quib
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Quib loved the view of the topal bay, he always wondered of the undiscovered lands that might be there .... he knew his friend 'Can - Not - Swim' didn't, he hated any form of water, Quib didn't know what 'Can -Not - Swim's' real name was, he knew he got the nick name from some imperials years ago after being mocked at panicking at waist deep water ... always made quib wonder, an argonian that couldn't swim! but he heard rumours that it links to some tragedy in the past, tragedy, another tragedy it seems tamerial inst short of them these days.
Quib turned to Can-Not-Swim, he was pondering about something, in his own world, Can-Not-Swim was regularly in his own world, never smiled much, quib always saw this a challenge and has made him laugh a few time
"do you ever wonder what's out there?" quib said breaking the silence
"Huh? What? out where" Can-Not-Swim replied snapping out of his day dream
"out there" Quib pointed down to the horizon past the topal bay "do you think some amazing land lies there, undiscovered waiting to be found ..... void of the misery of this land and full of adventure!"
"No. Not really" Can-Not-Swim said looking down at his feet
Quib hated when Can-Not-Swim was like this, not talkative, it made quib feel alone even when there was someone right next to him
"what do you think about?" Quib said
"what me?" Can not Swim replied
"well i don't see anyone else here?" Quib said with a smile on his face
"well i don't know" a smile appeared on Can Not Swim's face at a memory "well ..."
at that moment Can Not Swim was pushed, He quickly fell face first into the sea. Quib stood up alert and turned round to see who pushed Can Not Swim, it was Has-San, a female argonian and friend of both Quib and Can Not Swim, she had told quib a few days ago that she fancies Can Not Swim and didn't know how to approach him, quib said that she should try a flirty gesture ...... this must of been that gesture.
Has-San was in giggle fits finding it funny at Can-Not-Swim panicking and slashing around in water that was chest height, quib assessed the situation and joined Hes-Sen's laugher, it was funny seeing an argonian unable to swim
"Ok Can Not Swim enough of your folling! lets go back to the inn, I'm sure Hes-Sen will buy you a drink, i think she owes you one" Quib said with a smug smile on his face winking at Has-San showing that her 'plan has worked', this made quib think of himself as some sort of an agent of Mara, brining couples together!
But to no success! Can Not Swim was still Splashing about and spluttering quickly wiping the smug smile off quibs face
"He's Going to drown!" screamed Hes-Sen
Quibs eyes widened 'OH SHIT' he thought jumping into the sea and dragging Can-Not-Swim out, even though it was a moment of panic Quib couldn't help but to laugh. Can Not Swim would of been the first ever argonian to drown! an Argonian Drowning! giggling he dragged Can Not Swim to shore where Hes-Sen quickly rushed in tears (from laughing or crying quib couldn't tell) to comfort Can-Not-Swim
"well" said Quib "i think it's time we go to the inn"
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