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Quinian the Breton

Started by Quanton Biscuit
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Background and Prologue

This story is about Quinian (soon to be called Quanton Biscuit), a male Breton from High Rock who now lives in Hammerfell. He is a lesser noble in the Elinhir region and currently owns an estate. He does not possess any fighting skills and only has basic training in the school of Illusion. The story takes place two years before the Great Faction War. This story is part two in a three part series that I plan on writing depending on the feedback that I get from this story. As for his name, his riches, and why he is in Hammerfell; it will be covered in part one. I hope that you enjoy the story. Feel free to leave any feedback, suggestions, criticisms, and comments.

Chapter One

We arrived by carriage at the estate in the early morning, just as the sun began to peak above the rolling hills of the nearby Cyrodiil. The morning breeze felt warm as it slowly cascaded down from the sandy mountains of Elinhir. We dismounted from the carriage and stepped in front of the great porch watching the sunrise; it was a blood red color and gave the ground a crimson tint.

I watched as a small, flimsy servant ran past the stables into the central pavilion; a large stone circle that served as the meeting place during all outdoor activities. The servant then glanced around in a most foolhardy way, then placed his eyes on me. With a slight hesitation, he began to stride towards me in a most pompous manor imitating that of a high noble. I began to descend the stairs of the great porch to meet him. He replied by steadily increasing his pace to a near jogging like state until he was within earshot and then quickly slowed his pace to a more suitable speed. Upon meeting him, he spoke in a dry tone.

“Sir, I have a message for thee, it is from the great Sadeen. He wishes to hold a meeting in the city of Elinhir on the Twelfth of Sun's Dusk.“ “What for?” I grumbled, unhappy with the prospect of meeting with Sadeen again. The servant replied in a irritated tone: “I am unsure, however I suggest you attend it. The mighty Sadeen does not entertain dissidents on his land. Might I add that he personally handpicked me for the task of delivering this letter. I hope you do not disappoint him.” The servant finished the sentence in an almost menacing tone, which caused him to look ridiculous due to his lack of a strong physical presence. “Handpicked you eh?” I asked, nearly chuckling at the thought of Sadeen actually associating himself with this peasant. “OH, he most certainly did! I was amazed that he allowed me, ME, to preform such a task alone! Can you believe it?” “Oh, I most certainly can,” I remarked in a brutally condescending tone. He paused for several seconds, then sneered and said “I see that you are a very busy man, Breton. I think it be best that I leave.” He then departed in a brisk walk away from the estate towards the main road. Good riddance I thought, and then proceeded to clime the large stairs of the great porch and enter the main building of the estate.

My estate consisted of six buildings. The main building; the manor, was both my friend Emilia and my personal residence. The manor was a three story building that was constructed out of both imported oak and stone from both Skyrim and Cyrodiil. It was built atop a small hill that overlooked a verdant valley and was adjacent to a far larger hill that towered over the remainder of the estate. The manor also included a small tower built into its south-western corner that faced the valley. The other buildings in the estate consisted of a servants quarters, stables, guard quarters, food storage, garden-house, and visitor's lodge. There were also several farms nearby that provided the estate with food. The buildings were constructed in a arrow-head shaped pattern that started with the manor at the top of the hill, and then moved to the other buildings. The other buildings in the estate were built with similar materials to the manor except for the guard's quarters which was entirely made from stone.

As I entered my home, my friend Emilia greeted me with a warm smile and asked about what the servant had wanted. I told her of the meeting that Sadeen was holding and she looked puzzled. “Why would he hold such large meeting now, so soon after the Summer Conference?” she queried. “I wish I knew,” I stated. “Well, the meeting is not for a few weeks, so you may as well relax for now. Would you like to get some food?” I agreed and we departed for the dinning hall.

Emilia is my best friend, we grew up together in High Rock and have lived together since our later teens. She is tall for a Breton girl; five feet, eight inches, however she is still shorter than me. Just barely. She is elegant in a noble like way and constantly fusses with her luscious brown hair trying to get it to look just right. She has a wonderful set of hazel eyes which have always reminded me of the great forests of High Rock. Her cute smile could melt ice and she has the voice of a angle. We spend much time together and have similar interests. She studies the magic of restoration while I practice my school of illusion, we constantly consolidate on different magical practices and will often assist the other in their studies. We both have a fondness for the wild and will often go on extended camping trips together. We occasionally travel far north into the pines of Falkreath and camp along Skyrim's border, however we abandoned this practice due the troubling increase in soldiers near the Skyrimian border. Lately, we have been visiting friends in a nearby town called Al'tian.

During out last trip, we were walking down a street that encircled the temple of the Divines. It was a beautiful road that had two rows of trees running parallel to the street and overlooked a fair countryside. I decide that it was time, so I asked her to marry me. She happily accepted with an enormous grin on her face and then proposed that we hold the ceremony in the temple that we had just passed. I agreed and suggested that we return back to our friends to inform them of the great news. Several days later we returned to the manor on a carriage to prepare for our wedding.

I had loved her for a long time now, I was just never able to tell her. I knew that she had strong feelings for me, however the timing just never felt right. She was like a beautiful flower that needed to be picked at the right time.

Chapter Two

Present Date, The Estate, Dinner Table:

I sat across from Emilia, facing the window. Out side, I could see several of the farmers working in the dusk light. They would toil in the fields for several more hours, then would head home for the night. While I was distracted by the view, a skinny servant approached me from behind and asked what I would like to eat. I quickly replied that I would fancy grilled mud-crab with a side of sweetrolls. He nodded, then asked Emilia what she would like. Once she had given him her request, he slowly walked back into the kitchen. While our meal was being prepared, we began to talk. She happily told me about her friend's latest purchase; a prized, white stallion named Star. I zoned out; I was distracted. Why would Sadeen wish to meet with me, I had done nothing wrong of late? Even more why would he request all the high nobles as well, something big must be brewing. Still distracted I nodded, and then said that her friend must be very excited. Emilia agreed and smiled showing off her beautiful eyes, then started to tell me a story about her dog. I suddenly saw a flash of light and fire, then blackness.

I woke up, disoriented and confused. I smelled smoke and burning flesh, I could not see and I could scarcely hear. I felt something, big, resting on my chest and a warm sensation spreading on my chest. I coughed up blood, then slowly lifted a large piece of partially burned timber from atop my chest. I felt my torso; it was wet. I knew I was bleeding, however it did not seem serious, although I did not feel any pain.

My eyesight began to return to me, I still had problems seeing great distances, however I now saw the fire. A great inferno burned in the kitchen, it appeared contained for now due to the stonework that outlined the room. I then remembered I was not alone. I screamed “Emilia!” at the top of my voice and then began to sift through the burning rubble. After several minutes of searching I found her. Dead. Her body was melted and she was missing her hand, her hair; a burned mess of fibers. I looked at her head and saw the blood gushing from her cracked skull, filling my hands. I knew no amount of magic would bring her back. I held back a sob of sorrow then noticed my hearing had returned. I softly put down her broken head and limped toward the window to witness a nightmare; the estate burned, buildings collapsed, bodies lay in the field. I watched as a half dressed Redguard man ran passed the stables only to be incinerated in a ball of fire and electricity. Mages, I thought.

I looked further down the hill and saw a column of soldiers who were clad in Elven armor and were approaching the guard's barracks. The remaining guards had created a square shaped formation, heavily armored unites in the front, archers and support in the back; this was a common battle strategy used by the soldiers. As the intruders slowly advanced up the hill, a smaller group of robed Mer moved in from the field that my window overlooked. They quickly fired off a salvo of fiery missiles which instantly dissolved the ranks of the guards.

While powerlessly viewing this atrocity, I looked back at my dead friend, soon to be wife, and felt a great rage building in me, stronger then I had ever felt in my life. I grabbed my dagger, the only weapon I could find in the burned out carcase of the dinning room, then staggered towards the door.

I made it outside in time to see a battalion of enemy archers mow down the retreating survivors in a volley of arrows. I passed by a large bush, then felt an enormous pain in my chest. It felt like someone had dragged a super heated rake across my stomach. I keeled over and fell unconscious in a bush, unable to extract my revenge and achieve a much wanted death.

Chapter Three

I slowly regained consciousness, I could see that it was the middle of the day and I smelled soot in the air. I looked down at my misshapen body; I was covered in ash and had a thin, shallow scar across my stomach that the piece of timber had given me. Then I felt it, the pain. My arms were badly burned and so was part of my right leg, my hair was singed in places and gave off a terrible odder.

I then remembered the events of the previous night; how I watched the only person in the world that I loved be murdered in front of my very eyes and my estate, my home, be razed while I stood powerless to prevent it. My heart ached and I balled up and wept for hours. Time passed in a blur and I found myself unable to think for the longest time, overcome by grief. The only memory I have of that time is of me burring the remains of Emilia behind the manor.

Days later, I found my mind clearing. During my dream-like state, I had traveled a moderate distance north and found myself at an old camping spot near to the border of Skyrim. I decided that it would be a decent spot to set camp. I still ached physically and emotionally from the horrible nightmare that I had underwent, yet I found myself able to come to terms with what had happened. I thought for hours on what had transpired during the attack and tried to find a reason on why it had happened. I found none.

I spent over two and a half weeks recovering; allowing my physical wounds to heal and attempting to reconcile my emotional grievances. I found sleeping nearly impossible; I was plagued with terrible nightmares about losing the estate and … her. I passed the days by hunting and gathering food from the nearby forests, I had also constructed a small hunting lean-two that will provide shelter for the days to come.

One late afternoon, I found myself standing in the woods, thinking about the attack...again. I then thought about how powerless I was to stop it. I became so angry with myself that I threw down my bow in disgust and kicked a nearby rock, bruising my toe. I then sat down on a stump and vowed to myself, “I will never be weak, I will never allow another person to dictate what will happen to me, I will never allow it to happen again! I vow that I will not rest until I gained enough power to weave my fate. I will search the bowels of the earth for it, I will delve into the deepest caverns in search of it, I will smite the gods for the power that I crave! No Man, Mer or Beast will stop me!” As I finished, I slammed my dagger into the stump I was sitting on, the same dagger that I had found in the dinning room of my once great estate. I then stormed off, returning to the camp for the night.

Late at night, while I sat around my dying campfire, I began to create a plan on how to accomplish my goal. I decided it be best to first gather allies, I knew that the only way to do that was to talk to Sadeen. Sadeen controlled a sizable army that would be of adequate size to destroy the Elven monsters. I then remembered the letter that I received from the servant, I theorized that the meeting requested in the letter may pertain to the Elven attack. After formulating my plan, I doused the fire with dirt, then moved under the small wooden structure I had constructed days earlier and fell onto rough fur, and fell into a deep, sound sleep free of nightmares.

I spent the next day gathering supplies for the trip to Elinhir. While I was in a thicker, darker section of the woods searching for nuts and berries, I found a dead hunter. He was a stout Nord and had been apparently killed by a wild boar due to the the types of wounds present on his body. I searched his corpse and found a bit of gold, an iron dagger, and a hunting bow. I then gave him a proper burial and returned to camp to make the final preparations for the trip.

Chapter Four

In the morning, I headed out for Elinhir, it is a long distance from my current position and took me the greater part of the day to reach it. The road there was hard, it was relatively unused and had all types of plants growing on it making walking a continuous challenge. Even though I was an experienced hunter and camper, the trip took far longer than I had expected. By the time I reached Elinhir, it was dusk.

I had been to the city only a few times, however I remembered its landmarks well. The city was built around a small hill which held a castle on its crest; the castle was entirely built from the sandstone that was indigenous to the region and was therefore crumbling. Several of the castle's battlements were missing sections and the northern tower had completely collapsed. The castle's main gate, now open, was crafted from the spruce trees that were located in the forests to the north-east. From the castle gate, a path flowed down the hill into a bustling city built from both sandstone and wood. From afar, the city almost looked like a rats nest; the buildings were constructed with no obvious layout in mind and were clumped close together in an unattractive manner. A small, sandstone wall reenforced by wooden planks encircled the city protecting it from bandit raids and wild animals. The wall would do little to stop a dedicated army from laying wast to the city, it merely gave the citizens a false sense of protection.

As I approached the main gate, I was stopped by a tall guard. “What business do you have in Elinhir?” he asked in a suspicious tone. “I am here on lord Sadeen's request” I said firmly. “Do you have any evidence to support your claims?” “Possible...” I rummaged through my singed trouser pockets looking for the letter given to me by the servant. Several seconds letter I procured a partially torn and burned letter. I then showed it to the guard who then nodded and waved me away.

I entered the main gate, only to be asked by yet another guard about what my business was. I glared at him a showed the letter yet again. He raised his eye brows, “My apologies, you see with the threat of invasion our security has increased.” “Invasion?” I asked. “Yes. The Dominion has been sending scouts our way and the lord of the castle believes we may be attacked soon. Don't worry, the city guard is more than a match for any of those elves.” He then looked down at my apparel and stated; “You look like you have been to Oblivion and back, what happened?” I then grumbled something about getting lost and then walked away, unwilling to repeat the atrocities that I had witnessed in the previous weeks.

I walked into a packed tavern towards the center of town and purchased a small room, using some of the gold that I found on the hunter.

The next day I strolled up to the castle and entered the great hall. It was an impressive structure; it had massive skylights and the walls adorned the insignias of the high nobles that lived within Sadeen's land. The floor had a massive carpet; finely woven by the most skilled tailors in Hammerfell; it ran down the center of the room. Parallel to the carpet were two rows of flowers; nightshades by the look of them, they gave the room an earthy vibe. After examining the great hall I walked into the throne room. There I saw the lord of the castle, ruler of these lands: Sadeen.

Sadeen sat upon a comfortable wooden throne, talking to his minion. I approached him slowly, carefully watching the guards for any sudden moves; I was paranoid. When I came withing earshot of Sadeen, he noticed me and smiled. “Welcome Quinian, I see that you received my message.” I gave him a look of derision and then replied very dryly, “Yes. I did.” He examined me and stepped closer and asked in a most arrogant tone why I was so poorly dressed. “I would tell you, however I would rather do it away from the prying eyes of your court room.” “Very well,” he snorted, you can tell it to the counsel; we meet in one hour, be there.”

Chapter Five

One Hour Later:

I waited in the council chambers for the members to arrive. It was large, circular room that was made entirely from sandstone, the walls displayed Sadeen's family's insignia and the insignia of the High King of Hammerfell. In the center of the room, there was a circular wooden table with several comfortable seats.

Several minutes passed, finally Sadeen entered, followed by both the high and low nobles. All took their respected positions around the table. Ildean, a short, fat, high noble from the southern part of the region broke the silence.

“What is this peasant doing here?” he exclaimed in the most stuck-up like tone imaginable as he jabbed a stubby finger at me, no doubt referencing my poor attire. Sadeen began to speak “He claims to...” “I will tell you why!” I forcefully interjected. “The elves have attacked. The Dominion is coming and we do nothing. We must rally our troops and prepare to defend ourselves. We...”

“WHAT proof do you have, Breton? How do we know that you didn't just conjure up a hallucination!” Cried A'lena, a lanky Redguard women from the west. “MY ESTATE WAS ATTACKED, MY FAMILY WAS MURDERED!” I roared as I slammed my fists on the table. Everyone looked uneasy.

Sadeen slowly spoke in a quiet voice, “We need proof.” I fell back in my chair and quickly exclaimed. “I have none.”

Waylas, a fat, stubborn man stood up and said; “Then we cannot act. Even if your estate was attacked, that is not a large enough reason for war.” “You may be right.” I said in a hushed tone. “However, how do you know they will not attack elsewhere, surly it would be prompt to send a message to the king and ask for aid?” “No. No, I will not risk looking like a fool by asking for reinforcements just because of one Breton's report.”

I rolled my eyes and responded: “You think I'm lying? My estate was burned to the ground, my servants butchered in front of my very eyes, my soon to be wife; incinerated in a ball of fire!”
Waylas chuckled and said mockingly: “I bet he got drunk one night and burned it to the ground himself.” He along with several of the other nobles began to chuckle.

I held back my urge to rip his throat out and waited a moment for myself to calm. I quickly realized that this was going no-ware, if I wanted Sadeen's support I would have to revert to my last resort; magic.

I slowly moved my hand under the table and quietly summoned a thrall spell that I had learned years earlier, then cast it on Sadeen. His eyes rolled back into his head, and he coughed several times. His face then took on a blood red complexion; the spell had evidently failed. He roared and called for the guard. I quickly stood up and opened the door, only to be stopped by a dull looking officer.

The soldier mumbled “Scuz me sir,” in a low tone. Then entered the room and approached Sadeen. “Sir your shipment will be here in the next few hours.” “I don't CARE!” screamed Sadeen. “Remove this lunatic from my sight and cast him back into the wilderness where he belongs!” The guard gave Sadeen a confused look and motioned towards me. “NOW you oaf!” I gave Sadeen the best evil eye of my life and exited the room with the confused guard while the other nobles released small bursts of laughter.

Several Hours Later:

I sulked on a road several miles to the west of the city. I was infuriated; how could they just ignore facts? My thoughts then turned to Sadeen and his horrifying display of incompetence. I finally realized that it would be pointless returning to Elinhir, I would have to exact vengeance by my self. To do that, I would need to learn to fight, I would need power both physically and magically. To do that, I would need the help of beings that I feared. I would need the Daedra.

My troubling train of thought was interrupted by the sound of a wagon coming down the main road. I quickly grabbed my bow and dagger and ran behind a large, sandstone rock that overlooked part of the road. I then realized that this was Sadeen's shipment. I chuckled to myself and mumbled “what a fun little surprise Sadeen will get when he finds his shipments missing.” I delightedly worked out a plan and then made my preparations.

As the caravan passed, I pushed a large, loose, rock down in front of it, blocking it's passage. I then sprinted off the large rock that overlooked the trail, and jumped, landing on top of the carriage. Upon impact, my bow flew from my hands and broke under a horse's hoof. The caravan driver looked behind him and to his surprise found a dagger at his throat. “Give me a horse and the money or ill cut you like a stuck pig!” I roared. “Alright! Alright, just... just get that away from me.” Several minutes later I had a sack of gold and a horse. It was time to leave Hammerfell, enough evil had transpired here and I was a wanted man. I decided that I would revert back to a name of old; one I had not used in years, a name created by friends and adventure: Quanton Biscuit. I road off towards High Rock, my homeland, only glancing back for a few seconds remembering the life that I once had.

I am no longer the man I once was. My old life is no more, soon I will have my revenge. But first I must find them. The ones who hold power; I must find the Daedra.
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