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RA GA DA (2/2): Shed Blood, not Tears

Started by Idriar
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Morganayn trembled with fear, squinting her eyes as strongly as she could. Even as she heard the last scream of surprise and pain end and the last body drop to the ground, she didn´t dare to open them. She couldn´t remember the last time she was scared like this. It must have been when she faced the first hagraven (her mother?) she ever met. The scary Redguard woman... she was still around. Was this her end? Would she die of the hands of this fury?

The cold part of her mind knew something. Something that calmed her. Her minions had fought those blinded crusaders who`s corpses now lay scattered on the ground. And she survived this battle, maybe as captive, but she survived. But must have been some days ago. Now nearly a dozen of corpses lay here at her very provision. If this Redguard fury tried to kill her, she would simply raise one or two of the dead. Assumed that the Redguard was going to attack her. She killed of her hostage-takers, so she should consider her as ally in the meantime. But at first, she forced herself to open her eyes.

Around the campfire the dead order brothers and sisters lay, gashes in their upper bodies or with nearly severed heads. Quickly Morganayn closed her eyes again, a squeak of fear came over her lips. Dead corpses... they scared her. People laying around, dead and lifeless... She only liked living corpses. Or corpses to be objects of her anatomical studies. Morganayn caught herself preparing to raise all of the corpses at once, but she stopped herself from doing so. The Redguard woman... she hadn´t seen her.

Again she forced herself to open the eyes, this time avoiding to look to the ground, to the corpses. The sand storm still raged on the outside, she could see the sand being blown right in front of the entrance. Just were the Redguard woman bowed over... two other corpses. She wanted to close her eyes again, but then she noticed, the Redguard man the fury was bowing over. His limbs were quivering weakly and blood ran from his mouth and the dagger sticking out of his throat. But he was not dead – yet – and the Redguard woman was talking to him. The man´s face was a mask of agony, wrath and disbelief. Morganayn strained her ears to her what the woman was saying.

"... story. Really. I loved it. It nearly made me want to cry. But I have promised to never again shed a tear. Not a single one. And I love you. I love you all. So I had to shed your blood. I promised to shed blood, so much blood. One amphora of blood for every tear I´ve ever dropped. Your beautiful story nearly added some amphoras. I had to stop you. For the sake of everyone..."

She placed her hand on the dying man´s face. Morganayn couldn´t see his expression anymore. But she saw that the woman was stroking the man´s face... gently.

"What a beautiful story. What a beautiful voice. What a waste. What a shame. And now, hush, my love."

Suddenly she kissed the dying man. Not a short kiss on the cheek or the forehead. And not a gentle kiss on his trembling lips. Wildly and forcefully the woman pressed her mouth onto his mouth, her lips onto his, forcing the dying man´s head forth and back, and even with wounded throat the man uttered a sound of surprise, too weak to resist the forced kiss.

But while she was kissing the man, she pulled the dagger from his throat, letting his blood flow like wine from an uncorked bottle. Then she took the dagger... and stabbed it back into the man´s throat. And again. And again.

Both, Morgnanayn`s shy and her cold part, both closed her eyes and screamed. She had seen many, many terrible things before, hearts cut out of living bodies, the study of anatomy, blood sacrifeces for the old Gods... this was not supposed to terrify her. But everything she had seen, everything cruel deed she ever commited herself, it all had have a reason. Serving a cause, an order. And never she had used unnecessary cruelty... But it was not what the Redguard did. It was the... Joy with which she did it...

"Did you think I forgot about you?"

She opened her eyes. The Redguard was right in front of her, on her knees so that her face was on the same height as Morgnanayn`s face, as she was bond at legs and hands, inable to stand. Now in the shine of the fire, Morganayn could eye up the scary woman: her face was bloodied by blood not her own, a nasty but old scar over her left eye. Her head was shaved except a wild mohawk ending in a long ponytail, uncombed and blood stained. The weathered leather and fur armor was random, added with metal here and there. But most of the woman was clad in a yellow cloak that, for some reason, had not a single blood drop on it. All over her body the Redguard carried blades. Scimitars, short swords, sabers, daggers, knives... there was no blade based weapon shorter than one and a half arm missing.

After examining the woman Morganayn asked with cold voice:

"Are you going to kill me now?"

The Redguard laughed.

"Heck no!"

And gave her a straight punch into the face. Morganayn was teared to the ground by the unexpected strike. Stunned, with tears in her eyes and with a bleeding nose, she looked up to the woman. She was close to weeping, from both the pain and her fear.

"What... what was that for?"

The Redguard was still laughing as she pulled one of her daggers.

Morganayn closed her eyes. And felt her bonds being cut.

"Just bleed for me. Bleed. For. Me."

Stunned Morganayn wiped away the blood from her bleeding nose, after rubbing her wrists, hurting from the rope.

"You... you are insane!"

Still the Redguard smiled at her.

"Now. I´m not insane. I´m severely injured."

The Redguard turned her upper body, revealing a deep gash in her side.

"Ey, pale lady. You look like a little mage, right? That means you can heal me with magic, right? It would have been insane to kill you. For you will bleed and heal me."

Morganayn looked at the wound with cold eyes.

"And if I refuse to heal someone who punched into my face?"

"Well, I can still kill you..."

Morganayn raised her hands, placing them onto the woman´s wound. She didn´t even winch, as her hands touched the gash. Trying to remember the few restoration spells she learned as preparation for her anatomical studies, she quickly fell back to the secrets her witch circles told her. She let her Magicka flow into the wound, healing and sealing it.

"Yes. That´s how it´s done."

The Redguard raised her hand. Morganayn ducked, afraid to be beaten again, but the woman simply patted on her shoulder.

"A healer like you could come... in handy. I had several partners over the years, who helped me sheding blood. Bandits... warlocks... a vampire... but that guy sucked the blood I shed and I came to the conclusion that was like unsheding blood... "

Morganayn surely did not plan to stick together with this unpredictable psychopath. Shyly she protested.

"What? You... I... follow you? I... would prefer to be for my own... if you don´t mind..."

The Redguard laughed.

"I don´t mind! You´re somebody from the outside. From the land that has no sand. The land without any oases. Follow me and you will live and bleed. Stay or search your own way and you will die and bleed."

That troubled Morganayn. It seemed like her survival depended on the help of the Redguard. Who was obviously insanse, barbaric and sanguinary. What the heck was the matter with all this blood?

"Say... You talk so much about sheding blood. What´s the matter..."

The Redguard broke into the words with a rude laughter.

"I´m sick of sheding tears. That´s why I shed blood. That´s all you need to know!"

Morganayn remembered what the mad woman said to the dying Redguard.

"... And you think you shed... enough blood?"

The Redguard looked quizically at her. Then she sighed.

"It could be more. But what shall I do? I can only wait till I meet shedable blood. I travel much, but there really is no way to fasten things up... This..." - she tipped a corpse with her fingers - "... was the first blood for weeks. I must walk longer ways to find bandits or caravans. It´s like I have overhunted this land..."

Somehow Morganayn felt new confidence as the Redguard answered her. Maybe she could be talked to... manipulated...

"You wait until someone comes here, so you can kill him?"

"Shed his blood. I shed blood. I wouldn´t kill if people weren´t filled with blood. But yes, I have to wait."

"Why don´t you go somewhere else, where there is more blood to shed?"

The Redguard looked at Morganayn with sceptical eyes.

"Somewhere else? What do you mean?"

"Well, soon there´s a war raging on. And..."

"A war? What´s that?"

Morganayn wasn´t sure who she was talking to. Probably this insane woman had spent her whole life in this isolated desert. A poor soul savaged by solitude and the struggle to survive... like her?

"Well... war is much, much blood shed..."

The Redguard squinted her eyes.

"How much... is much?"

Morganayn pointed at the corpses on the ground without looking at them.

"Imagine the ground was covered with dead people like this... from one horizon to the other."

For a moment the Redguard shut her eyes wide open. Then she squinted them.

"You are telling bunk. There aren´t even so many people in the desert."

"Have you ever been outside of the desert?"

The Redguard fell to silence.

"Outside of the desert, you say?"

The woman turned her head to the entrance of the ruin, watching the gusts of sand blown in front of it thoughtfully.

"I have travelled the sand and the rocks so long. Behind a dune there´s only another dune. Behind a rock just another rock. And the horizon is unreachable. The desert is everything. It´s the only thing that reaches the horizon into every direction."

The Redguard stood up.

"You´ve brought me much blood to shed and healed me. Maybe you actually brought me luck in the very battle, pale Lady?"

She looked down to her, still a smile on her face, but more earnest.

"Maybe you are a sign of the Gods. The sand whispered strangely today...

War... outside of the desert... I´ve always wondered from where the people come who´s blood I shed... I mean... they must come from somewhere... say, pale Lady... from where do you come."


"That... sounds good. See, we make it like this: I will lead out of the desert and you will lead me to Morganayn..."

"No, no. I´m Morganayn. That´s my name. I hail from High Rock."

"Oh. High Rock? What kind of name is that? There are countless high rocks... Oh, my name... Lluna. You can call me Lluna."

That was it. Introducing each other. Finally Morganayn would have to stay together with this psychopath, blood-sheding fury. But atleast she now had a good chance to get out of this place and make it to Wayrest. She just wondered how to keep Morganayn from slaughtering innocent citizens in cities or under way.

One problem after the other.

Standing up, Morganayns knees were weak and stiff. She had been carried for several days, as it seemed. Lluna suddenly supported her, an arm over her shoulder. Together they walked towards the entrance.

"Wait, wait! The storm is still raging! We can´t simply walk out there..."

"Pah! That´s the way I came here. But if you want to wait... Now, Morganayn... why don´t you tell me more about war..."
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Who controls the Septim crown?
Who keeps the Allesian Heresy down?
We do, we do

Who knocked Yokuda off the maps?
Who keeps the Dwemer under wraps?
We do, we do

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Who controls the Septim crown?
Who keeps the Allesian Heresy down?
We do, we do

Who knocked Yokuda off the maps?
Who keeps the Dwemer under wraps?
We do, we do

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