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Ra'Sieed the Swift

Started by Balian
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Faction & Race:
Ebonheart Pact
Name: Ra’Sieed (Ra Sigh Ed) the Swift
Race: Khajiit
Age: 23 (Human Years)
Gender: Male
Birthsign/Class: Thief/Rouge

Biography: Ra’Sieed, born to a poor Khajiit family, has lived a rough life ever since his parents fell ill to the Knahaten Flu at the age of 15. Ra’Sieed began his life of crime shortly after his parents became ill, breaking in anywhere he could and stealing medical supplies, food, water, and other essential items. His family’s lack of wealth has forced him live his life in the shadows and do whatever means necessary to care for himself and his parents. At 16, Ra’Sieed’s parents died from the illness. Now lost, Ra’Sieed now carries on the role he became so good at, but to a darker, more rage filled extent. He is a well know thief/assassin in his homeland Elsweyr and has been arrested only once where he escaped in less than 8 hours. Ra’Sieed has an outstanding bounty on his head by the Ebonheart Pact and the Daggerfall Covenant.

Note: This is a simple draft of what I have for my AD Khajiit character. Things may change in time.
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