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(RAD) Rise Anew Daggerfall!

Quick Info
System : Playstation 4
Faction : Daggerfall Covenant
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvP
Time Zone : Europe

Guild submitted by SerJust28.
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About (RAD) Rise Anew Daggerfall!
Main Content
This is a Daggerfall only guild for pvp. (PS4) on (EU) servers. For those who are in Daggerfall. Who wants to join guild and reclaim back what is rightfuly ours in Scourge Campaign. You can message me via in game mail or my psn gamertag: Serjustin19

Guild code name: (Rad) Rise Anew Daggerfall. This pvp guild will be focus for taking back Scourge Campaign. Hopefully we be a big guild in future to be equal as Ebonheart. So let's have an honest battle. Let's have fun. Yes I dare say Ebonheart are masters of war. They are bery heroic. They know what there doing and I respect that. Heck I appluad them. And I appluad Aldermi Dominion for trying as well. Good job both Aldermi Dominion and Ebonheart Pact!

However. The new age has come for Daggerfall! O mighty Daggerfall. Do you hear the sound of clashing? The sound in your hearts to fight what's right? Do you knaw at your teeth wanting and wishing for the right time to come? Do you feel in your very veins? The very existence of your well being? To further the call to arms? To protect and defend what you hold dear? Or would you rather sulk as a young bard who wastes his/her life away sleepin a sad dream? All of there life?

For I have a dream to unite us all! To see my dream, no our dream to stand together as one! For we are the band of brothers and sisters alike! So hear my cry o Daggerfall! Hear my pain. My pain for glory and honarble combat. For I am grievien that I can not do this by myself. What say you children of Daggerfall? Do you all dare to have same vision as I do? If so stand up I dare plead. I salute you all and I welcome you all to this guild. Now then. Come Daggerfall let Both Ebonheart and Aldermi Dominon remember us with out glourious battle cry! For we will not surrender. We may run yes. But we libe agian for honor! For glory! For Daggerfall! Let us renew our forces and capture Scourge back! I love you all Daggerfall!
For PS4 only. Alliance: Daggerfall. Server: European PVP only. Campaign: Scourge
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