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Radiance: Aldmeri Dominion - U.S.

Started by Liger
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Aldmeri Dominion (Khajiit)
Hello All and welcome to a brief overview of Radiance.

What makes us Radiant

-We each play our individual way, thus welcoming all members wether EVIL/GOOD/NEUTRAL

-We will be helping all new member’s and be accepting anyone from Aldmeri

-Focused on an engaging community where we share experiences, tips and knowledge with each other

-Requirement’s for now are none, but as we grow and develop into a strong guild we will establish rules

-Will have raid events, Cyrodiil wars, obtaining keeps, crafting, Roleplaying (optional of course)

-Specialized titles for guild members

-A hierarchy to control and maintain order

Laws of Luster

1. One will not attack or murder another Guild member

2. You will respect the Radiance community and our alliance alike.

3. We will help one another in a time of need

4. One shall not give away guild secrets

Check us out for more information and Questions here

Leader of the Radiance Guild

Khajiits, Altmer, Bosmer

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