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Ragnak wolf-axe

Started by Archmage Alator
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Daggerfall Covenant (Breton)
Name: Ragnak wolf-axe



height: 7 feet

Occupation: Naval captain.

Loves: the sea and the thrill of battle.

Hates: Assasins, thieves and cowards.

Skills: Ragnak is really strong and is very skilled with two-handed axes.

Weaknesses: He isnt so smart and rather solves his problems with an axe or his fists. He values honour very much and Always wants to face his enemies in face to face combat. He isnt so good at expressing himself with Words and has a low patience.

Story: Ragnak was borned in a farm outside Windhelm, his father (Ulf) and his mother (Fralia) wanted him to become a farmer but he didnt want that and left home at the age of seven, he wanted adventure and battle. But he didnt have any experience with surviving and was found by Three warriors half-dead in the Woods. One of them, a Nord named Hjalmar thaught him how to fight, surviving and many other things that a warrior might find important. Ragnak followed Hjalmar on his adventures for eight years until he was fifteen. Then Ragnak joined the army. He fought for the army a while but soon realised that the sea was his true Calling. He served as a warrior on the ship and was named captain when the old one died in a raid. Ragnak lead many small raids on ships and got the name "wolf-axe" because of his skill to stalk and hunt down ships and his skill with an axe. Now Ragnak often travels with his ship and is waiting for a time when him and his crew shall truly be needed.

Best memory: When he defeated a ship on his first raid at sea.

Worst memory: The hunger when he had left his home and was out in the wilds.

The Archmage of the council of Arcanea.

We are openly recruiting, any Roleplayers in the Covenant who are looking for a Guild, this is the Guild for you
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