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Rangers of the North [EN]
Rangers of the North [EN]

Quick Info
System :
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Hardcore
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : Europe
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by Bestone.
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About Rangers of the North [EN]
Main RotN - About us
We are a guild with players focused built an international community and enjoy all TESO activities.
RotN have a fun-loving, knowledgeable atmosphere.
We have an Website, Fórum, Blog, suporte player profile, TS3, RP and very soon a full Wiki.
Welcome to the Rangers of the North!

We hope to make this site a great resource for our guild members to interact and help each other.
We encourage all members to join the forum, blog, use the private galery and downloads, you can add content to.
You will find that our guild is full of funny and wonderful people who are ready to have fun and share in the experience that TESO is.

And c'mon, don't be shy - go ahead and take a look around, introduce yourself and get to know your Rangers brothers.
I think you'll find that everyone, are good persons that like play TESO in community and are friendly and approachable.
Rangers of the North is not a guild of TESO-elitists who seem to think that you're worthless as a person if you don't have a high level character decked out in full endgame gear (it is pretty, though, isn't it…).

Anyway…Nah, that's not us at all.
Instead, we're looking for something different - a carefree and humorous group to belong to.
To put it another way, we're friends. You might even come to think of us as family.
Don't worry, though, we're not going to force you into itchy, uncomforable clothes and force you to go to church :)
Waitaminute, where was I? Oh, yeah…

Don't get me wrong, though, we'd love to, and probably will, introduce you to at least a few Skyrim inhabitants of the TESO.
But don't be scared, we're also likely to be quite happy if you stick them with pointy bits of metal, bludgeon them, and/or rend their souls with darkness from beyond the Skyrim mountains!
We'll probably even join in on the fun! We're an adventuring guild - it's what we do.

But, as should be expected of adventuring kinships, we're diverse.
Many Rangers are from that big, mysterious planet Earth :).
We're a modern and worldly group, we are - world travelers of both Europe, Africa, Asia, America and Oceania.
So, what the heck is a curry? How's that health care in Norway?
Does the sun really shine for a month straight in Alaska?
Ask the right Ranger and you can get answers to all these questions and a thousand more, probably at least one hundred, maybe even ten!

So stick around and you might learn something…but don't worry, we'll do all we can to prevent you get bored!

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