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Rangers of the Vale /Guild/PC/Aldmeri

Started by Jam3s43
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The Rangers of the Vale Offers so much to benifit members of ESO. In the guild, the importance of team work will be demonstrated and pride and honor will be built through hard work in training. As stated in the Creed of the Rangers, Integrity first, service before self, excellence in all we do. Our goal in the Rangers of the Vale guild is to give players of ESO a great experience in being a part of a guild and to have fun. The Rangers of the Vale is largely a roleplaying guild, not looking at its members as what they are in real life, but as their character is in the game. A long term goal of the kings is to eventually build the Rangers to one of the top guilds in ESO. We look forward to participating in PvP battles and helping out our members in quests. Hail the Rangers!!

If you are not yet convinced visit our WEBSITE-
or email me directly

Roles of Players

​The Three kings of the Vale will oversee different areas of the guild, making sure things are going correctly and the way they want them to be run. Dhiren the conqueror oversees the military portion of the guild, He also meets with leaders of large guilds to construct alliances. Aside from the military, he is also in charge of the thieves and assassins. Raflorn the Forgotten oversees the foreign affairs of the, mainly concerning trade. Solias the Just oversees the domestic production of the guild. He makes sure our guild always has a flow and income of resources. All of the kings oversee the finance portion of the guild.

• Spy: There will be as many spies as deemed necessary. The spies will be a member of the guild but also join another guild. They will secretly report any information they find important while serving under the other guild.

• Ambassadors: the ambassadors will manage alliances with other guilds. They will make sure everything is peaceful, settle disputes, request aid, and arrange events planned by the kings.

• Guards: The guards will be assigned to guard the Hideout. This doesn’t mean you stay at the hideout. It means you occasionally check in on the hideout and make sure there aren’t any people there who aren’t supposed to be there.

• Assassins: Assassins are people that kill anyone that is needed to be killed for the good of the guild. Whether it is to eliminate a player because of a grudge or to retrieve something of high value from other players.

• Thieves: Thieves will steal anything from anyone for the guild.

​• Treasury: There will be two members of the treasury. They are the money makers of the guild. They find the guild players who need something done or stolen. They find anyway to make the guild very wealthy.

• Advisors: There will be three advisors, one for each King, They will help the King make executive decisions inside and outside the Elder Council whether it be with alliances, inducting a new member, kicking a player, or planning an event.

•Blacksmith: There can be multiple blacksmiths. The blacksmiths will make armor and weapons to store in the hideout. They also sell their weapons and peices of armor to increase the wealth of the guild.

•Resource Officers: Resource officers will be our resource providers. They will be great contributors to trade and help us raise guild funds. They will be in charge of collecting resources by engaging in activities such as mining and cutting wood. They will also provide metals and leather and other required items to the blacksmith to aid with him creating armor and weapons for the guild.

•Resource Manager: There will be one Resource Manager. The Resource Manager is the head of the Resource Officers. He/She manages the resources in the guild, keeping record of available resources and resources that are needed. He also makes sure we have a steady income of resources, working along side the trade manager.

•Trade Managers: Trade Managers oversee the trade portion of the guild. They make sure we have a steady income of gold and goods within the guild.

Military Positions (Note, every member will be in the Military)
• Warlord
• Tactics Specialist
• Archers
• Mages (Destruction Mages, Restoration Mages, and a mix of the two)
• Warriors

Ranger Tenets

1. Must be either Bosmer, Khajiit, or Altmer. Other races will be denied entrance into the rangers
2. Do not take it upon yourself to induct new members. Do not induct new members without consult of the kings. To do so is to invoke the wrath of the kings.
3. Profanity will happen, do not go overboard. Excessive profanity will not be tolerated. To do so is to invoke the wrath of the kings.
4. The names of the Kings shall always be respected and never slandered. To do so is to invoke the wrath of the kings.
5. The three Kings shall never be disrespected. To do so is to invoke the wrath of the kings.
6. The Kings Must be just and fair rulers. Tyranny will not be accepted. To do so is to invoke the wrath of the kings.
7. No player of our faction (Aldmeri Dominion) should be discriminated against, regardless of race or gender. To do so is to invoke the wrath of the kings.
8. You must never commit treason. To do so is to invoke the wrath of the kings.
9. You shall never disrespect players of higher level. To do so is to invoke the wrath of the kings.
10. Should a player be higher level than one of the kings, they still shall bow. No disrespect shall be shown. To do so is to invoke the wrath of the kings.
11. Members shall never bring outsiders into the guild hideout. To do so is to invoke the wrath of the kings.
12. No multi-guilding. (In exception to spies, they may join any number of guilds but must stay loyal to only the Rangers of the Vale, reporting any important information they find in the other guilds.) To do so is to invoke the wrath of the kings.
13. Outsiders may not participate in guild events such as domestic duels, training exercises, group quests, or raids except by invitation. A ranger shall never bring an outsider to a guild event. To do so is to invoke the wrath of the kings.
14. Disputes will be settled in a PvP match. Loser pays winner 250 septims and they forget about entire feud. Any more arguments will result in a fine and eventually excommunication. Both players must agree before a duel can be held. The Player who loses cannot not be a sore loser and cannot refuse to pay the fine. To do so is to invoke the wrath of kings.
15. Maturity must be shown. Acting too immature can lead to a fine. If the immaturity leads to disgracing the guild in public, excommunication is eminent. Rangers cannot continue to be immature after a warning. To do so is to invoke the wrath of the kings.

Creed of the Rangers
I, (Name), do solemnly swear to serve faithfully under my three kings, Dhiren the Conqueror, Raflorn the Forgotten, and Volanare the Revenant. I shalt never commit treason, nor betray my guild mates. I will obediently follow the tenets of the guild. I pledge myself unto thee my kings, integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all I do. Hail Dhiren Ra’Kishan! Hail Raflorn Estrabach! Hail Volanare! Hail the Rangers of the Vale!
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