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Started by Nehemia
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Thunder cracks on the sky as the fields of lightning cover the clouds and light the ground underneath. The rain falls heavy like spears as the drops make an distinct sound on the armor of the two. The third sweeps his soaked hair back as they stand on a pile of corpses. R, who's weapon of choice is the largest, pulls his battle-axe from the broken skull of a foe and lifts it on his shoulder. Grinning the three walk down the pile staring at the last opponents standing. NH (apparently a wizard indeed) places his hand in front of his mouth and shouts; "Summon: Storm Atronach!"

Lightning strikes to the ground between the three and the foe, out of the rubble of ground rises an elemental figure roaring. TC begins his charge as R and NH still remain walking. TC flanks to the right simultaneously as NH THOOMS, ripping the Atronach apart and sending the lightning infused meteorite pieces hurling towards the enemies.

R lifts his axe from his shoulder and immediately flashes in front of the eyes of terrified Bretons, sending their heads flying without a moment of notice. Meanwhile TC had reached the enemy archers, and fists of magic stone knocking them off one by one.

As the ranks of Covenant grow thinner, the Captains arrive to look at the fleeing cannon fodder. The three: NH,TC and R stand in a line, extending their hands forward and taunting them with palm of their hand. Captains of the Covenant halt 50 yards from their position, standing in mud soaked from blood.

"Spear-Chiefs of Throat Adder!" Yelled out the Red captain with a challenging posture. NH washes his bloody hands in the rain, looking to the left at R who is leaning to his axe, appearing bored. TC stretches his joints as he is eager to go.

The Five captains; Blue, Red, Yellow, White and Brown scatter and begin running towards the three. NH gives TC a look who nods in agreement. "Summon: Unstable Familiar!" NH commands the familiar to run towards the brown captain, TC dashes to to the familiar and as he is about to perform a dragon leap from top of the familiars back, NH causes the familiar to explode, sending TC high in the air, who's spear turns into a flaming inferno that he throws at the Brown Captain, incinerating the captains body and reduces it to ash.

The Blue & Red ganged up against R, placing their hands together and assuming a pose, they fire forth a blast of wind that pulls even the grass from the ground. R stares at the approaching blast of wind and strikes the end of his axe to the ground. "Immovable." The blast of wind goes through R, not moving him an inch as the corpses behind him and sent flying like a tornado had just passed through.

As R begins his offensive against the Blue and Red, White intercepts NH who was attempting to assist R against the two. Sudden sword strike reaps piece of NH's shoulder as the White suddenly charged at him. "Ash field" spoke the White as NH's vision vanished at the sight of the sand storm.

TC stands on the ashes of Brown, with eagerness he could barely hold. It was if he was dancing a bit to annoy the Yellow even more. The yellow grabs his staff of destruction and hurls a fireball towards TC, who's jaws appear to give a faint of a smile as a hook of augmented in flames rips through his stomach, flying towards Yellow and if by magnetic force ripped the ball of fire as it flew through, straight into face of Captain Yellow, who'm the hook grabbed and pulled him to TC. "Stone fist" TC sends his bare magic infused hand at the jaw of Yellow (that cracks like a straw), as the magical hook has completed its task and vanishes. Yellow's staff flies in the air as the two begin a brawl.

NH, caught in the Ash field attempts to peer around him, his vision blank as White thrusts his sword into his body. "I expected more" said White laughing as his sword was inside the body of NH, the jolts of lightning giving such a shock White had to left go of his sword. NHs body in lightning form, sword still stuck in his body stares into eyes of White as the Ash field vanishes. NH extends his right hand forth and speaks: "Rain down, Unstoppable Eraser Rain." White stares at NH in confusion as NH grabs whites sword, pulling it out of his elemental lightning body that appears to return to normal as the sword is out. Without further focus NH begins to walk towards R's position, as a massive ball of lightning strikes down upon White, who's skeleton was visible as the charred flesh ripped itself into thousands of pieces from his body. Leaving nothing but a lake of smoldering intestines and bones.

TC gives a firm and strong massage to his biceps after kicking the living shit out of Yellow (literally after TC had ripped the spine out of Yellows body and punched his body a thousand times).

The Blue and the Red, strongest of the five still fighting R, who's calm mind had turned into maniac laughter as the whirlwind of a battleaxe moved with such a force it was barely dodgeable. Blue and Red leaped backwards as they simultaneously shouted: "Ultimate: Meteors one and two".

From the eye of the storm two meteors appeared, floating in the atmosphere before beginning to accelerate with such speed the strike would surely evaporate the whole battlefield. The three had gathered into a formation to stare at the raining hell that would inevitably destroy them. The last two remaining captains laughed hysterically. "You can't beat this!" TC claps his hands in reply as NH draws his bow.

TC: "Molten Weapons"
R: "Spear shards"
NH: "Snipe"

Author's notes: For the sake of nostalgy, I attempted to re-create the lovely old cartoons that went overboard beyond belief. With this as my goal I decided to write an over exaggerated piece from a fight occurring in Cyrodil. I wouldn't call it "lore friendly." But all the skills are actual skills from TESO, but with a bit stretch of ones imagination.

Come, Unstoppable Eraser Rain
Throat Adder | Societas Daemonica
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