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[Redguard] Tazien

Started by Tazien
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Daggerfall Covenant (Redguard)
[Image: s_captaintaz_zpsf34c3507.png]

[Image: 6787f262-4b4e-4ff7-8501-6034bf87ce64_zps49139e3b.jpg]
Awesome picture thanks to Rhojar

[Image: S_generalinfo_zps0c44be53.png]
Name: Tazien
Race: Redguard/Forebear
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Birthsign: The Tower
Titles: Captain (Pirate)

Combat preference:
Resourceful and opportunistic, Tazien utilizes her environment. She has been known to wield anything from chairs to bottles of mead (only empty, she's not wasteful), and has a fair aim and preference for throwing things. At best, she is a dirty fighter; at worst, a shameless cheater. She carries a knife or two around for personal safety, has a nondescript cutlass tucked in her belt, and if she's planning on engaging in combat, she will bring along a trusty bow and quiver to keep her enemies many arm lengths away. She never goes anywhere without having tricks up her sleeves and being armed to the teeth, sometimes even at risk to her own safety.

[Image: S_appearance_zps317f9fdf.png]
At First Glance...:
A woman with a solid, athletic build; the smell of ocean breeze and salt-water seem to cling to her no matter how far inland she roams, and she walks with the swagger of one who is at home in the constant sway of a ship.

Physical Description: Athletic and standing at an average height, Tazien possesses strong arms and the body of one who does hard physical labor for a living. She eats well enough and favors finer clothing and quality leather boots, suggesting a higher profit made than the average sailor. Several scars of varying complexity are scattered about her body, testament to many years of thrilling adventure, though she seems to have kept her fingers and palms relatively unscathed; the paranoid habits of someone who values their hands above all else. They are usually encased in thick, protective gloves when not working more delicate jobs.

Most of her strength is centered in her arms from years of rope-pulling and tankard-tossing. The corners of her eyes are starting to show noticeable creases from frequent laughter; at such times one may glimpse a glimmer of gold within an imperfect bite, and a few of her teeth are cracked or missing entirely.

On most days, Tazien will smear black paint around her eyes to lessen the glare of the sun.

Trinkets and Jewelry:
Tazien prefers her baubles to have the added benefit of being useful; she doesn't seem to carry any that might catch or snag, but she loves weaponry and armor with fanciful designs.

In Her Bag...:
It isn't advisable to dig past the surgical tools.

[Image: S_charactertraits_zps861ac456.png]
Cunning, avaricious and amoral; Tazien's loyalty is to reason first and foremost, coin second, and friends third. Though her official trade is that of a ship's surgeon or healer, she practices more mundane methods of healing, suggesting that she's spent little of her time truly learning the craft; more than one patient has died under her knife, their most valuable bits pawned off to an ailing noble or as reagents for a wealthy alchemist.

Openly, she is fickle and straight-forward, an active mind leaving her quick to think and quicker to laugh. Her sense of humor ranges from crass to gallows, and she won't hesitate to use whimsy as a coat of armor in dire situations. Tazien is a highly pragmatic person, and forgives quickly if repaid in full for the offense. At her core, she is a shameless and ruthless opportunist, and she wouldn't have it any other way.

Apparent Motivations:

Tazien has spent most of her life around ships. She has excellent balance and a fondness for setting traps; for her, bluffing, showmanship and effective use of one's environment is at least half the battle. In addition to seafaring knowledge, she is a skilled navigator and has a reasonable knack for fishing. A life spent mingling with other races and committing crimes have left whatever racial prejudices she has relatively well concealed in favor of better business dealings, though a keen distaste for mer does surface on occasion.

Tazien lacks honor, decency, and a strict moral compass. This makes her irresponsible when it comes to friends and family; in particular a younger brother she has allowed aboard her ship. She prefers combat in her terrain or planned scuffles over impromptu fights, and if caught in a melee situation against a skilled combatant on land, she would be at a serious disadvantage. She cannot win through strength alone. She is entirely ignorant of magic, and hates traversing tunnels, caves, and underground ruins due to a fear of the entire thing just collapsing on her head. She also appears to possess a mild, general claustrophobia, going so far as to sleep above deck most nights.

[Image: S_history_zps78c3086d.png]
Tazien is loyal to her crew alone. Much of her trade is done among the Daggerfall Covenant, but any coin is good coin.

Khadija (NPC): An aging fisherwoman and Tazien's mother; her once close relationship with her daughter has grown more distant over the years, and she seems to be willfully ignorant of her daughter's lifestyle.
Samir (NPC): An aging fisherman and Tazien's father; Tazien visits time to time, and though he is a loving father, his suspicion of her activities has left a rift between them.
Razzan (NPC): Tazien and Linrei's retired pirate uncle; he's been the worst influence on the siblings, and opened the door for Tazien's descent into piracy. She respects him, but there is a keen sense of competition she feels by him; she wishes to surpass his legacy and build one of her own, on her own terms.
Linrei: Tazien's younger brother; he's a lovable scamp, and Tazien is entirely irresponsible by him. She agreed to have him aboard the ship several years ago as cabin boy, and he has since proven himself to be a competent navigator and a tactical mind now that he's entered adulthood. Proud of him as she may be, he's still her little brother, and she treats him as such.

Friends and Allies
To be made.

Neutral Acquaintances and Contacts
To be made.

Enemies and Antagonists
To be made.

[Image: S_misc_zps09044a0e.png]
[Image: TAZZY_zps18faece9.png]

Awesome picture thanks to techr0n.
OOC Notes:
Character Bio Status: Updated. I've decided to reel in some details and have left what might be more readily apparent, rather than throwing out a whole history that I keep tweaking anyway. This way there's plenty of things left to find out through RP! So for all intents and purposes, this is a finished bio.

Combat preference: Roll-based (dice).

Limits: No character death just yet, and I also avoid killing peoples' characters unless they actually want me to. Arrest, capture, fines, combat, etc. more than welcome, so long as we keep OOC communication open!
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I love this character and the work you have put in! I salute thee! I like how she is this rugged corsair - definitely an unique character.

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Ebonheart Pact
The pictures that you added with the update look pretty cool!

I like how her combat style suits that one of a pirate or scoundrel; using whatever is around her to her advantage as if it were a bar brawl (which she may in fact frequently participate in)! That and her amoral personality mixed with her ruthless cunning as a Captain certainly makes her a dangerous person to cross paths with. At the same time though her relationship with her family has a thoughtfulness to it that makes her more than simply a deadly corsair.

Overall the entire bio really gives the feeling that Captain Tazia is a swashbuckler roaming the high seas of Tamriel for wealth and adventure, and she's an awesome character to add into the world of the Elder Scrolls!

Character Profiles:
Endaros Ilmori - Buoyant Armiger
Sunrio - Aldmeri Justiciar

Taren Jucanis - Imperial Deserter (Used for The Black Shroud RP)
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