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Started by Reiv
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Credit for the image goes to znodden.

[Image: Reiv.png]

Firstname - Reiv

Sex - Male

Age - Unknown

Occupation - Blade-For-Hire

Faction - Ebonheart Pact

Appearance - If his skin wasn't grey like the rest of his brethren, he would be mistaken for a Bosmer. His height barely breaks 5ft. But aside from this he is a stern looking Mer. Hands that look as if they have been working with blades for 3 life times, and a body that has been sculpted from countless battles, and covered in innumerable scars. His face, however, appears to be untouched. And looks rather innocent at first glance. His hair is cut in a manner similar to the Flourish of an Indoril helmet. His eyes are red, and glow a dim orange. Thanks to the dark eyes of the Dunmer, no one knows that he is in fact a Vampire.

Personality - Reiv is a very laid back person. He speaks to everyone in the same manner, disregarding things like status and heritage. He also doesn't take things very seriously, constantly cracking jokes and making fun of people in a "friendly" manner. This personality has caused people of the same profession to look down on him, but at the same time earning respect for his actions in battle.

Social Background/Backstory - He doesn't remember much of his childhood. There is too much to remember. One of his first memories is pushing back the Akavir as they invaded Cyrodil in 1E 2703. There have been so many people, so many battles. He cant even remember his sisters name, let alone, what she looked like. He has tried to research his past, but all attempts have been unsuccessful. Records of his birth were either lost in history, or physically destroyed.

In order to forget his longing for the past, he emerged himself in combat. People say he must have been born with a blade in one hand and an arrow in the other. His skills with both are unsurpassed. Or at least he's never encountered one with greater skills.

Nothing substantial happened on his never ending journey, until he met a Nord by the name of Jorunn the Skald-King. During the second invasion by the Akavir in 2E 572, during the fight with Dir-Kamal, Jorunn saved Reiv's life. As repayment, Reiv reluctantly agreed to join the Ebonheart Pact.

Before the battle over Cyrodil, (Before the events of TESO) Jorunn met Reiv a second time during a meeting at the Great Moot, and had come to like his cocky, laid back attitude. It was at this time Jorunn had come to a realization. He knew another Mer, just like this one.

After the Moot, they talked once more and Jorunn told him about this other Dunmer. Reiv didn't want to get his hopes up, but the Dunmer Jorunn talked about could possibly be his sister.

Ervesa Ravencrone. A Dunmer given name, and a Nordic Family name. Also a Vampire.

Reiv decided to set out to Skyrim to find this Mer.

Best Memory - Learning of his sisters possible existence.

Worst Memory - Learning the records of his birth were gone.

Skills - He always has a dagger at hand, usually one in both. And his bow is never to far away. His stealth and Illusion magic is his best friends.

Challenges for the Character - Finding Ervesa and overcoming the possibility that its not his sister.

Birthsign - The Serpent

Religious Views - He and the Gods aren't on the best of terms.

Politics Views - Avoids politics at all costs. He believes that politics are for the weak of heart.
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I have a feeling Tris would like this guy, haha. Planning on some stories? Would love to read more!

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Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
Anythings possible I guess... I'm not even sure what motivated me to write this up in the first place, lol
I guess I could give it a try ;D
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