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Release date info 6/1/13?

Started by HoneyBadger
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Google is showing an ad by Wal Mart. is saying one can preorder TES:O and it will ship on 6/1/13.

I was wondering if this has been seen by anyone else or confirmed from a more reliable source?
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Some retail chains need to put a release date on all of their pre-order stuff. There are always rumours that one or the other may be correct, but usually they turn out to be bunk.

Just wait for official word from Zenimax.
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ignore any and ALL Retailer Release Date until you see an Official post by ESO. That is just a Best Guess every retailer does it to help with Pre-orders

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This. Sometimes the retailers are lucky. But in general they set dates to help their own inventory efforts.

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That's just a retailer estimate. If and when there's an official announce, you will notice, as these kind of things usually are done at a big event or are one themselves. But don't expect an official statement before we're not at least a good portion into closed beta. Which is scheduled for some time in 2013.

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Here's another topic on this:

Keep all discussion there, I'll go ahead and place the yellow lock on this one.

Please use the Help & Feedback section if you need help. This will help others that may have the same questions and you will receive a faster response.

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