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Release: Thu'um Box!

Started by Tecca
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As suggested by Van Hoffen Heimer (and a couple of others before), a shout box has been added to TESOF. Vrage mentioned it being a "thu'umbox", and I thought that would a great name for it!

Please feel free to use it whenever you want and don't forget to read the Forum Rules, as they have been edited. It's just a sentence or two, but go over the rules while you're there, if you haven't read them already.

The Thu'um Box supports smilies and MyCode (such as bold and italic), but note that IMG tags and videos will not work. It's fairly small, so we don't want those two things breaking the layout. It also supports private shouts, which you can utilize by clicking on the users' name or typing in their unique ID (not username).

Example of a private shout: /pvt 1 Hello

The above will send "Hello" to Tecca (that's me), as my ID is #1.

As of right now, there is no way to find out another users ID unless they tell you themselves or if they have previously shouted and you click on their username. To find out your own ID, hover over your username at the top of the site and the link shown in the bottom-left hand corner of your browser will reveal what it is. Mine would look as such:

Please do not spam the shout box. Regular chatting is fine, of course, but no intentional spammage, please. Note that you can be banned from shouting. If you need to report a shout, hit the ( r ) link next to the offending shout - especially if it is a private shout, as we cannot view these until they are reported.

That should be about it... have fun!

Best Regards,
TESOF Administration

Please use the Help & Feedback section if you need help. This will help others that may have the same questions and you will receive a faster response.
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Nice addition! Thanks Tecca and those who suggested it. Much appreciated.
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I am Vrage give me royalties for the amazing name this is my paypal vrage@vrage.vrage I also accept cheques my address is Vrage Street Vrage Vrage Vr4G3e Vrage.

In other news that isn't a huge run-on-sentence, I've always loved this feature in forums, it's a great way of quickly keeping a 'familylike' atmosphere without the need to stay on-topic and such ;D

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