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Release zones. (speculation?)

Started by bwadark
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With the release of the interactive map it has lead myself and a few other to speculate. Is this all? I should note that I'm not being pessimistic as this is 15 zones. 19 if you include the 3 minor islands and Cyrodiil.

A large portion of seems to be untouched and entire area's not implemented such as Black Marsh and Elsweyr. Now I understand that they want room for expansion but it seems like the Aldmeri Dominion is going to spend all of it's time in Valenwood after the small starting island of Khenarthi's Roost and Auridon.

Excluding the first zone that give's each faction 5 zones to level up in single player. Is that enough? Usually TES game's concentrate in a single province of Tamriel so I hope these area's have been scaled appropriately.

Do you think it is possible to level from 1 to 50 using these area's alone as it is stated that you can't enter the opposing faction's area's with out hitting level 50.

In later expansions will each faction get a zone each to explore or will these future area's be open to all races?

I don't mention Cyrodiil because of it being so PvP centred and pure PvE content players will be reluctant to go there despite there being quests. It's bad enough getting ganked by 2 or 3 people but you run the risk of being in the way of hundreds of enemies who will be rewarded for your demise.

So what do you guys think?
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The game will be created so that the player can achieve level 50 with the faction's own zones. It would of been tested as such so no worries there. I wouldn't threat about spending a lot of time in one province, if you've played skyrim you'll notice that the entire province doesn't look the same, it's not all one big artic waste land (sure it keeps the same nordic theme through out). Finally I can't possibly say how they will tackle expansions (if they allow all races to access it from the get go or other).

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All I'll say is dont worry, there's enough content ;)

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