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Reputation system

Started by Nehemia
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(December 12th 2012, 07:20 AM)Rage Wrote: Interesting, but feels like rather old fashioned system

Myself Im quite intrigued by the Megaserver and ready to have my finger on the ignore feature. Annoying people who make it tru the Megaserver preferences should be filtered out that way and honestly looting shouldnt be a problem, I can hardly imagine some obsolete loot system based on rolls. More likely we shall see individual player drops as in GW2

I have a pretty big hatred of that system honestly. It really, REALLY, hurts the market. I know it sounds absurd, but 5 people have the chance to all get "Bark Staff of the Hidden-Owwy" ... and for this example they all do. That's 5 of the same staves used, and maybe only 1-2 of them saved to use, and later broken down. Maybe one sold on the TP. and the other 2 broken down for mats. That gives me say atleast 4 logs from breaking them all day (eventually after the first two are replaced) and one being sold. Now on a mass scale that's either way too many of the same staves being dropped so not being sold, while have a ton to sell. And then a ton of mats dropped into the TP. Which mades mats cheap, and gear cheap, but drop-only gear was REALLY expensive and random throughout the world, and the gold ended up usually being dungeon/event grinding for gold.

Ofcourse this is a different beast, and currency is really determined by the game, but if it does the same thing.. the market will be really boring to play, and quite stale for everyday use.

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