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Started by Skrofler
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant
Name - Rests-A-While
Sex - male
Age - 33
Occupation - alchemist/skirmisher
Faction - Pact
Appearance - Black with patches of maroon scales. Short nose. Small webbed rows of spikes on the sides of the head.
Personality - Rests-A-While is cool, calculating and compromising. His driving force is curiosity.
Skills - marksman, spear, medium armour, alchemy

Social Background/Backstory - Rests-A-While was a wanderer, the kind you would mistake for a loner. It wasn't that he couldn't stay in one place but he constantly found important things to do that happened to be elsewhere.
He was a burglar, a spy, a rare book collector and competent alchemist while also a dabbler in magic and combat techniques, but recent events led him to worry increasingly about the future of his homeland and a longing to settle down was growing. He found a home in the Marsh not far from Leyawiin and started training with the local militia.

In TES3 and beyond I played my archetypes, the argonian ranger, the orsimer warrior, the breton mage, but in multiplayer I anticipate archetypes will get old fast so I have changed my character concepts accordingly. The warrior became a battle healer, the mage became assassin, and the ranger enlisted.

Join Scandinavian - a Daggerfall Covenant guild.
Kromag gro-Mukh
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