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Resume of the TES:O Information known ATM

Started by Zenodin
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It's not mine, I did not gather this information.
I took this very informative post from reddit and posted here so more people will get a resume view of what is know untill now.
All credits go for wedge1378

Quote:Note: I'm going to try to keep this up to date. I have watched most of the videos and listened to many of the podcasts, but i will inevitably miss something and spell things incorrectly. If you come across a detail you think needs to be here, post it and i'll add it. I'll also restructure the post as more info comes in.
Also this is not a Beta information thread. Only for facts that are released by Zenimax Online.

**The World:**

The entire continent of Tamriel, on the world Nirn.
Not all areas will be available at launch
each area will be as large as they are in the other ES games.

**The Alliances(Factions):**

All three factions are battling for control of a single PVP area, Cyrodil

Aldemari Dominion

Altmer(High Elf)
Bosmer(Wood Elf)

Daggerfall Covenant


Ebonheart Pact

Dunmer(Dark Elf)

**Game Systems:**


All classes will have Health, Stamina, and Magica as the primary stats
Secondary stats will include weapon, armor, and other skills
Classes are loose systems that will get you started down your path, and can be adjusted as you see fit.
Combat actions will have no cooldown
Combat actions will cost stamina, magica, or both.
Combat will be the balance of managing the stamina and magica resources, as well as class based skills at the correct time.
All classes will be able to use stamina to break stuns, if they choose, at the cost of stamina
Players will have access to an 'ultimate move' which can help or hurt other players/enemies
Combat is intended to be about strategy, not pure output.
Targeting will be a combination of free aim and soft lock. Attacks are still subject to the classic damage modifier that other MMOs use. A swing is a hit, and roll for damage no mater where you hit.
Any class can use any weapon/armor combination, thuogh they may not have the skills to use them as deeply as other classes.


PVP will be done completely in the area of the imperial province. The city will be locked on release.
They will be cut into “Campaigns”. Likely timed battles you will be locked into until the battle completes. This will help avoid battle jumpers.
There will be no open world PVP in leveling zones. Factions are locked to their areas.
The faction that conquers the PVP city will have an “Emperor”, who will gain a yet undefined reward.
The faction that controls the PVP city will get a yet undefined reward.
There will be a PVP progression system - Matt Firor iterview


There will be dungeons and hard mode dungeons
“Raids” look like they will be in open world and dungeon PVE areas built for Solo, small, or large groups.
“Smart AI” enemies will not just sit and watch you kill their friends without attacking. This differs from the area of attack and leash model other MMOs use.


Questing is open. You can get a quest, and continue on it, or without penalty, go pick up another one you happen to find on the way.
Questing will have tangible results in the game world. No word on if this is done via phasing, or local graphics changes.
Any player, grouped or not, can take part in your quests and reap the full rewards.
There is a Mage Guild that you gain favor by collecting books in the world, and are rewarded with items and quests.
There is a Warrior guild as well. Breaking "Dark Anchors" gains favor
Other guilds will be available post release


Players will be able to join multiple guilds
Likely cross faction guilds as well



Very little is know of crating at the moment.
Smithing, Enchanting, Alchemy are known options
Interviews have hinted that it will be the known crafting style of Skyrim, with specializations
Orcs “weapons and armor are prized by warriors everywhere “


The character learns immediately that their Soul has been stolen by a currently unknown force. This is the driving force behind the death/rebirth * system that all MMOs have
the Daedric Prince Molag Bal is the primary antagonist of the main Plot.
A magical explosion took place, which killed or drove insane many mages, as well as opening up planes of oblivion to the world.
Work from wedge1378

[Image: minibigmaproadslore31gv.jpg]
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Quote:They will be cut into “Campaigns”. Likely timed battles you will be locked into until the battle completes. This will help avoid battle jumpers.

Your source is incorrect about this

Campaigns are servers.
Quote:* Because of the megaserver technology, Cyrodiil needs to be separated into multiple instances. However, instead of random assignment of players, ZeniMax recognizes the importance of having static PvP communities for the sake of rivalry and investment in the state of the realm war. Therefore, players are assigned (or may select) a “campaign”, which is a permanent parallel version of Cyrodiil’s realm war to which they belong. Campaigns will be named after the major cities in the region.

* Guilds can collectively select a Cyrodiil campaign, and players will be able to switch campaigns, however this will impose some meaningful alliance point cost. However, you are prohibited from having characters from different factions in the same campaign.

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Good idea, but lacking content. All of this and much, more can be found at TF's Development FAQ.

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