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Rethas and Ranosa Othirus

Started by Rethas Othirus
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Faction & Race:
Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
Name: Rethas Othirus

Race: Dunmer

Age: 355, born 5 Frostfall, 3E278 (Birthsign: Tower)

Origin: Balmora, Vvardenfell Province, Morrowind

Occupation: Buoyant Armiger, ex-bandit

Relatives: Doesn't keep track of his family, doesn't care.

Description: Stands a couple inches taller than the average Dunmeri male, and has muscles that could rival a Nord's. His skin is colored with a charcoal complexion, and he wears nothing but the finest garments at all times. His pitch-black hair was often tied into dreadlocks throughout his life, though he wears it loose these days, and his eyes glisten with the color of blood. There is just a hint of facial hair right on the tip of his chin, that he keeps trimmed. He has an uncharacteristically jovial tone to his scratchy voice, mostly to taunt enemies into falling onto his weapon.

Religion: Respects the Tribunal, particularly Vehk.

Politics: Sees the war as a means to protect Morrowind from the destruction it faces in the future, as well as to start a new empire based upon his kind, as well as his allies in the Pact.

Skills: As a bandit, Rethas uses Alteration to keep his silk-wearing hide donned in magical armor, and Conjuration to summon a Bound Sword and a Bound Shield with which to charge into battle. Has a weak Destruction Spell to disarm some traps with, and a weak Restoration spell for when looted potions run dry. Enjoys enchantment as a hobby. As a Buoyant Armiger and a soldier in the army of the Ebonheart Pact, Rethas sticks to more convential warfaring gear, favoring bonemeal armor, a one-handed spear, and a shield, leaving his magicka for more conventional uses - picking locks, levitation, teleportation, and maneuvering around water.


Name: Ranosa Othirus

Race: Dunmer

Age 315, born 11 Second Seed, 3E318 (Birthsign: Shadow)

Origin: Vivec, Vvardenfell Providence, Morrowind

Occupation: Dark Brotherhood Assassin

Relatives: Mother and father died during the Red Year, she has forgotten their names but not their faces. Doesn't know she has a brother.


Religion: Venerates the Daedric Princes Boethia and Mephala. Blames the Tribunal she once loved for the events responsible for the Red Year.

Politics: Uninterested and uninvolved.

Skills: Proficient with shortswords, throwing daggers, and light armor. Highly skilled at sneaking and lockpicking. Enjoys Alchemy as a hobby.


History: Their parents were petty merchants who paid their taxes to the Great House Hlaalu. The money to be earned from plying the merchant's trade interested Rethas at an early age, but he never had the patience for the subtlety and hard work that came from an running an honest shop. After all, it was so much easier to kill someone and sell their stuff than to try to barter for the goods he could then sell.

Rethas's first attempt at the larcenous arts got him in contact with the Thieves' Guild, but they were far too subtle in their dealings to keep Rethas's attention span. It was in the Guild that Rethas met a fellow disgruntled guildmate, and together, they went into standard banditry. Rethas learned how to swing a sword and hold a shield from this friend, but when this friend died to the blade of an adventurer, Rethas decided he needed a better tutor.

For a long span in his life, Rethas held off the banditry and did work for the three main guilds, learning from the tutors of these guilds how to defend himself in a fight, how to keep from having to replace weapons and armor by studying in the schools of Conjuration and Alteration, and how to keep hidden when trying to fight an enemy was a stupid thing to do.

Once he felt he could competently maneuver around a battlefield, he ditched the heavy poiticking of the guilds and went back to his banditry, using intimidation and money to gather likeminded individuals into his business. However, finding employees with the kind of education he immersed himself in was difficult, and often his workers would make stupid mistakes (like getting addicted to the Skooma that they were supposed to sell for instance) and get killed, at times by his own hand if he felt he needed to make an example. Eventually, with his own talents, he was able to get side business as a mercenary; taking on guild work without dealing with guild politics as he considered it. Between that and his banditry, Rethas has been able to gather up a respectable sum of retirement money, though a great deal of it went into training the drunken sods he had to hire because there was nobody else -to- hire.

Meanwhile, Ranosa grew up with her parents, thinking herself an only child as Rethas left before she was born. As a teenager and a young adult, Ranosa had problems finding a profession that suited her, and spent a great deal of her free time at her local Tribunal Temple. However, her life changed forever once the Ministry of Truth crashed into the city, causing numerous calamities including the eruption of Red Mountain. She remembered that year as the Red Year not because of where the eruption came from, but from the puddle of blood she couldn't stop staring at, that came from her parents' bodies when the canton they were in collapsed on top of them.

Ranosa escaped the City of Vivec alone. For years after the loss of her parents, Ranosa got by on the pursestrings of others, stealing for a living because something inside of her wouldn't let her become a beggar. But because Thieves' Guild activity was so intense in Cyrodiil, Ranosa had to keep moving, as her new way of life was viewed by the Guild as competition. Eventually, Ranosa ran so far that she found herself in Skyrim, and thanks to the lack of Thieves' Guild activity there, she was free to steal as she pleased, so long as she was able to evade the notice of any guards.

Eventually, evading the guards meant killing her mark - a particularly stubborn Bosmer that had caught her in the act. When a different group of people took notice, she feared having to run again, only to find the welcoming arms of the Dark Brotherhood. Years were spent under their tutelage, and Ranosa had found her profession at last. But it wasn't long before she was sent after a particular mark, a powerful sorcerer and scholar who was in search of an Elder Scroll. The mage was far more heavily guarded than Ranosa had ever seen before, and found herself trapped deep underground. When she could find no other way to survive the mage and his personal guards, Ranosa turned to the Elder Scroll, which she had found in the mage's stead.

The Elder Scroll raped Ranosa's untrained mind, and flung her back through time. When she awoke, Sroll-less, remembering nothing about herself or her past, she was in a dungeon belonging to the Aldmeri Dominion of the Second Era.

The Dark Brotherhood of the Fourth Era were not keen on seeking outside help, the news of Ranosa Othirus's disappearance had nevertheless reached the pointed ears of Bandit Lord Rethas Othirus, who had no idea he had a sister in the first place. While Rethas feigned disinterest at the news, the story of how she had disappeared gnawed at his mind untill eventually, he took his gang to the underground complex where the mage was attempting to study the Elder Scroll. For the trained force of Rethas's gang, breaking into the complex with its many guards was far easier, albeit time-consuming. The mage's guards fought Rethas's gang all night long. In the morning, the mage found himself impaled on Rethas's Bound Sword.

Unlike Ranosa, Rethas has some skill in magic, and was able to gaze into the scroll without being consumed by its mystical power. He was able to perceive when Ranosa was taken, though he hadn't bothered to look where. Instead he saw all of Tamriel at that time, and the constant state of war throughout Tamriel brought a wicked smile on his face. In his line of work, wartime was the best time to do business, and while has gang profited from the Imperial-Stormcloak war, that was Skyrim alone. In the timeline he saw in the Elder Scroll, his gang could wreak profits the likes of which they hadn't seen since the Great War prior. However, the Elder Scroll could cart only one person through the timeline at a time.

Because of this, Rethas found himself alone and Scroll-less on a boat out at sea. He knew not where he was, so he decided to bide his time and wait for the boat to dock before making his next move. His gang tried to follow him through time, but none of them had the mental training Rethas had, so all of them were stuck brainless in that chasm.

A strong arm to slay the weak.

An iron heart that knows no fear.

And a foul mouth to boast about it!

Such are the virtues of the pact!


All hail Vehk and his Buoyant Armigers!
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