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Returning, New Build? SK

Started by rellski
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Hello all Would like some help on deciding what CLASS for my build. I plan on picking this game up soon and wish to make my character all about lifesteal or "absorbing health", Shadowknight style from Eqoa. Wondering if anyone has any insight on this, Ive played Eso before but long ago, Not sure if build is worth it, but would like some help.

Race: I'm Leaning Imperial strictly for the lifesteal if that's still a thing.
@Class: now I'm not sure about this one yet.
Weapon: I'm thinking sword/shield or 2hander
Magic: drain life, soooo destruction?
Armor: Heavy?
I want to have good sustain most of all...resto?
I plan to play PVE mostly for the first roll back, Maybe dip into pvp depending how viable it is.
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