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Revin Velendres

Started by Lordalif
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Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
Firstname - Revin

Surname - Velendres

Title - Ex Ordinator

Sex - Male

Age - 78

Occupation - Currently hunting in riften for food and working as a low pay body guard for people in the area.

Faction - The Pact (at best of times)

Appearance - Long Black hair, scruffy dark beard, several scars across his face. Revin is an average sized Dunmer with slanted eyes causing him to look permanently annoyed.

Personality - Revin is rather cautious to those around him and will not agree to somthing unless he knows the ins and outs of the situation. Revin is slightly stubborn and arrogant but he only shows this trait when his ego has been damaged. Revin also usually does what is morally right and only involves himself in peoples affairs if it sounds serious (or if he is drunk)

Revin tends to spark against those who openly boast as he believe that true warriors wouldn't brag about the tramas or war and bloodshed however he does admire optimistic people as it reminds him of himself when is was young and ready to explore Tamerial and beyond which he secretly still yearns for.

Social Background/Backstory - Revin was born in Mournhold. He grew up in an azura worshipping area however this was not for him, quite the opposite in fact, Revin's desire was to become an ordinator, the ruthless guard of the tribunal and therefore when he came of age he joined the ordinators. The Ordinators were good to Revin causing him to make a few close friends in the process. However being an Ordinator means dealing with the Daedra which over the years took many of his friends lives which fuelled a permanent hatred Princes of Oblivion. Revin has seen many acts commited under the name of a Daedric god none of which he liked. For many years Revin remained loyal to the tribune and remained loyal to the his High Ordinator.

All this took a turn for the worse after the High Ordinator died. This lead up to the events of Revin being heavily persuaded by is superiors to rid the area of all daedra worship. In this time many innocents were slaughtered in the name of the tribunal all of this was blind to revin until he uncovered his mothers corpse in the mayhem. Ever since then Revin abandoned the Ordinators blamming them for the death of his mother (rather than himself) and fled morrowind and now resides in Riften trying hopelessly to forget the past.

Best Memory - The glory days of being an Ordinator

Worst Memory - Mistakenly killing his mother on an Azura Shrine raid

Skills - A potential leader at heart, Observant, Two handed weaponary.

Challenges for the Character - Revin will battle constantly with the past

Birthsign - Ritiual

Religious Views - Tribunal

Politics Views - Even though he left the ordinators behind, Some of their beliefs and views remain with him
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Ebonheart Pact (Argonian)
cool character! loves ordinators!
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