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Riroden Orkraft

Started by RirodenOrkraft
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Ebonheart Pact (Nord)


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"I am but a simple Bosmer from the land of Kalheim, which lies beyond Skyrim's northern borders. I am not a born warrior, master of the arcane arts, or archer. I am not your hero, or your savior. I am not but myself, a merchant from Kalheim. If I am to fight, I shall fight for my mother only. She is the one who gave me home and the one who has earned my love. If I am to fight, I shall fight for her, and for the city she holds dear. I am not a warrior, but I will protect what I love with my life."

Riroden Orkraft

Bosmer (Wood Elf)

Twenty three

The Warrior

Riroden comes from the land of Kalheim, which is to the northwest of Skyrim's northern borders.

Merchant/Warrior of Heltreid

Official Title
Thane of Kalheim's City of Heltreid


Riroden supports the Ebonheart Pact because Jarl Roma does. He tends to keep his mind and attention off of war and such, so he doesn't know too much about the Pact. He has met with Jorunn, the leader of the pact and acting High King of the Great Moot, with Jarl Roma. The two have deep respect for each other.

Average height and weight for a Bosmer, long brown hair with facial hair. Often wears a simple outfit, but dons light armor when he goes out on quests. He stands tall at all times and does not wish for others to see him at his worst. He holds with him the swords of his parents, which he will either wield one at a time, or both together.

Both of his parents, Rulton and Serua Mokal, warriors for the city of Heltreid, died in battle only months after Riroden was born. He has no other living blood relatives that he knows of. He was adopted by Jarl Roma Orkraft of Heltreid and lived with her and her family in the palace until he turned eighteen. He then bought a house from the Jarl's steward and stays there. He does not have a wife nor children, as he does not want the risk of losing any loved ones.

Riroden is often cool, calm, and collected. He tries to keep his mind out of fear and anger to be a normal, everyday person. He does lose it, however, at the sight of Frostbite Spiders, which he fears immensely. His anger will show in battle as he remembers how his parents died in war.

Social Background/Backstory
Riroden was born in the city of Heltreid, located in the land of Kalheim to the northwest of Skyrim. His early life was fraught with pain as he never knew his real parents. They had been killed in battle months following his birth. He was adopted by Heltried's Jarl, Roma Orkraft, who took him in as her own son. The two became as close as any mother and son. As a child he was excited to learn of historic events, and his love for it grew as he did. He never wanted to be a warrior, but rather a historian for his mother's court. As he became older, his love for history never faltered, but he decided to become a merchant instead. It was at eighteen years of age that he moved out of the palace and bought a home in the town where he built and opened his own shop, which he calls Mokal Stop, after his late parents surname. Despite his hatred for war, he is a strong warrior with skills in weaponry that make him a formidable opponent. He has chosen to accept the swords of his parents in order to protect his homeland and fight for peace at his mother's side. He is currently twenty three years old and serving his mother by taking quests. He has gained an appreciation and love for rare artifacts and owns over one hundred unique items in his home. Since he is the Jarl's only son, despite being adopted, he is in line for the throne when she dies. He does not wish to take her place as Jarl, however.

Best Memory
At the young age of nineteen, Riroden assisted his adoptive mother, Jarl Roma of Heltreid, in defeating a large pack of Frost Trolls that were attacking the town. Afterwards, he was named Thane of the city due to the death of the last thane at the hands of the trolls. He considered it an honor to be given such a high title, and wishes to help the Jarl in any and all ways possible.

Worst Memory
(not really a memory but) Riroden never knew his parents due to their deaths in battle only a few months after he was born. Every now and again, he has dreams of two figures falling in battle, which he assumes to be his parents. Though he cannot see them clearly, he knows it's them and every time he sees them fall, it hurts him that much more.

He is a highly skilled merchant with a golden tongue, allowing him to sell or buy almost anything at ideal prices. He is also skilled with a sword, despite his hatred for violence and fighting, and will only use the swords that belonged to his parents. Though highly adept at destruction magicka, he rarely uses it due to the fear he has of knowing that when he does, his consciousness will fade and something evil will replace it.

Challenges for the Character
Often goes on dangerous quests for Jarl Roma and as such wishes not to make many friends in fear of losing them. Has a curse on him that affects his mentality whenever he casts destruction magicka. It causes him to lose consciousness while an unknown force takes over his body, but not for the better.

Riroden loves his adoptive mother, Jarl Roma Orkraft and the city of Heltreid in which she rules. He is a firm supporter and lover of peace, and wishes all fighting to end. He also loves to gain rare object and artifacts, whether it be in quests through dangerous ruins, or by trading with uneducated commoners.

Riroden absolutely disdains war and fighting of any kind. He will participate in it, but only for Jarl Roma, and only in an effort to create peace. He has a fear of Frostbite Spiders, and hates the sight of blood. He is also a hater of bad foods and drinks.

Religious Views
Riroden honors the divines, but does not consistently worship them. He believes that he must create his own destiny and not rely on the blessings of those higher than him.

Political Views
He is very dedicated to the leaders of Kalheim, most specifically his adopted mother, Jarl Roma of Heltreid. He honors the laws of the land and fights to restore peace and honor within all of Nirn.
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