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Rogue's Gallery Guild - Recruiting

Started by Sakaweed
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Arise, shield brothers and sisters! Molag Bal wants to enslave you and your loved ones. He wants to take our world from us and make it his own! We must band together! No longer are we races divided! Today we are one and the Ebonheart Pact will triumph over evil!

Rogue's Gallery is a North American Xbox One Guild in The Ebonheart Pact that is family oriented, but mature in nature. We’re a group of likeminded gamers that have banded together to form a home for current and new players looking for a casual to moderate atmosphere who are wanting to group with others to tackle leveling and, once we get there, end-game content. We have a 21+ guideline, though all potential new applicants are considered. We take on all content, PvE and PvP alike. We also run weekly PvE & PvP events for gold and crowns.
We have a strong sense of teamwork, via crafting, acquiring gold for the guild and each other and gearing our characters. We also have several PC Veteran Players that have made the transfer to Console, so there will be several people around that can answer questions that your own research may not be able to find. If interested in joining and feel like being a part of an ever growing guild that aims to take control of Cyrodil and thwart off the Daedric Evil check out our website and apply today!

Rogue's Gallery Guild Official Website
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