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Roleplay Spotlight

Started by Triskele
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Hey everyone!

I will update this thread every week with the winners of that week's Roleplay Spotlight! Keep an eye on this thread to get to know the most interesting characters and the greatest stories!


And this week TESOF is very happy to feature:

"When Tamriel Marches to War" by @Iogairn (Story)

"Endaros Ilmori", a character from @"Horizon Seeker" (Biography)

These creative members made it to the front page of TESOF, plus our official Twitter and Facebook. Congratulations to @Iogairn and @"Horizon Seeker", and enjoy your week of fame!
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Congrats guys!

Quite a nice idea. Since RP is quite a big thing on this site. Will RPers be seen on the actual spotlight feature thing?

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Well done you two! well, well deserving to be in the spot light ^-^. A fantastic story and a kick arse character. And to round it all off, two awesome fellows too!

Quib - Argonian Adventurer
Garce Tilvvan - Dunmer Witch Hunter
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Thanks for featuring my character! Glad there's a few people about who like it.

Congrats to Iogairn for his poem too!

Good luck to any future spotlight aspirants, I'm sure you'll find your place there soon.

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Sunrio - Aldmeri Justiciar

Taren Jucanis - Imperial Deserter (Used for The Black Shroud RP)
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I wasn't expecting that. Thanks!

And congrats to Horizon as well I suppose... ;)

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Congrats guys :D

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Congrats Endaros! And congratulations to Iogairn!

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